Different tummy tuck cases

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Women and men can present excess skin in the abdominal wall after weight loss. In severe cases, excess skin sags and covers the pelvis area, which is designated by the term abdominal apron. Only certain types of lifting techniques (skin removal) and tummy tuck can treat this issue. Here is how excess skin can present. [...]

Fat and cellulite reduction techniques

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Fat and cellulite reduction techniques Liposuction Liposuction is the most efficient fat reduction procedure there is and also one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. Liposuction can remove all excess fat in treatment areas in a single procedure. Liposuction is not as invasive as people might think, it is often performed [...]

Facial aging : how specialists tackle the issue

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Facial rejuvenation has always been an important part of cosmetic surgery. It is a complex matter with a lot of techniques that have to be tailored to each patient. Oftentimes, patients consulting for facial rejuvenation do not have a specific request. They often notice a tired look on their face, facial volumes disappearing, folds and wrinkles [...]

Improving the appearance of flat buttocks

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Flat buttocks are one of the most common aesthetic concerns of women requesting cosmetic surgery. Building the gluteus maximus muscle is difficult and toning up the buttocks by exercising is often harder than people might think. This explains why patients unsatisfied with the appearance of their buttocks seek improvements. There are several ways to correct imperfections [...]

How cosmetic surgery completes weight loss efforts

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The request for cosmetic surgery after significant and massive weight loss is fairly common. Part of these patients want to regain confidence and self esteem after weight loss induced by bariatric surgery, which is not without unwanted consequences. How cosmetic surgery completes weight loss efforts For bariatric surgery patients For those who can try [...]

Treating tuberous breasts

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Treating tuberous breasts Tuberous breasts result from a breast growth disorder during adolescence. Tuberous breasts can be surgically treated at the end of the growth phase (at the age of approximately 17). However, there are different stages with this condition affecting the breasts. About tuberous breasts Breasts are called tuberous when they have a [...]

Applications of liposuction in cosmetic surgery

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Applications of liposuction in cosmetic surgery Do I have to lose weight to benefit from liposuction ? If your body mass index is over 30, you are affected by obesity, which is a condition that increases the risks of complications during any type of surgery. It is possible to lose weight with the help [...]

Treatment options for wrinkles, facial volume loss and other aging signs

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Treatment options for wrinkles, facial volume loss and other aging signs "What can I do to alleviate and delay facial aging signs ?" The first thing anyone can do to delay aging signs is to favor healthy lifestyle choices : stopping smoking and using sun protection. Genetic predispositions play a role in facial aging, [...]

Frequently asked questions about aging signs and facial rejuvenation

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Frequently asked questions about aging signs and facial rejuvenation "I am not satisfied with the appearance of my lower face" Over time, tissues tend to sag downwards, which creates unsightly jowls. The angle between the chin and the neck also becomes less and less defined. Skin in the neck can be distended and excess [...]

Common liposuction areas

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Liposuction can be performed in different parts of the body as well as in facial areas. This cosmetic procedure can remove subcutaneous fat deposits in almost any part of the body. The most frequent liposuction areas are the following. Common liposuction areas The face Fat deposits in the cheeks can be removed or reduced [...]

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