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Characteristics of a receding chin

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A chin can be qualified as receding when it significantly lacks projection. When the chin is receding, the lower part of the face is not aligned with the rest of the face, it goes behind the vertical line between the forehead, the base of the nose and the upper lip. This misalignment makes the neck look [...]

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Minimising swelling after liposuction

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Most cosmetic surgery procedures cause swelling in the treatment area, which is a normal reaction of the body to the trauma that is surgery. Here is what there is to know for your recovery to go as smoothly as possible. What is an oedema (postoperative swelling) ? Oedema refers to swelling of the tissues (fluid). It [...]

Botox : treatment areas (men and women)

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Botox is injected in small amounts in targeted areas. It has the effect of relaxing facial muscles, which alleviates a certain type of wrinkles: express wrinkles. These wrinkles result from repeated muscle contractions and end up settling in the face permanently. After Botox injections, the face looks more rested and relaxed. How is Botox used in [...]

Liposuction : the most efficient way to remove saddle bags

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Saddle bags refers to fat deposits located in the outer side of the thighs. When excess fat accumulates in this area, it tends to persist and shows little to no response to exercise and diet. Saddle bags can accumulate a significant amount of fat, more than other areas of the body. They can grow to the [...]

Does laser hair removal work ? Is it safe ?

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Laser hair removal can target different areas of the body or face. Many patients wonder if this treatment is efficient and safe, so here are some answers. Is laser hair removal safe ? Laser hair removal has been approved by health authorities and used in the USA for many years even in Tunisia with Dr Walid [...]

From what age can you undergo breast reduction ?

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Breast reduction is procedure intended to decrease breast volume in order for it to be balanced with the rest of the patient’s body. This procedure can be requested for several reasons. Overly large breasts can cause psychological complexes, but also functional issues. Breast reduction surgery alleviates these issues and improves the overall appearance of the breast. [...]

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Does fat grafting breast augmentation leave scars ?

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Fat transfer breast augmentation involves fat harvesting, which is reinjected during the second stage of the procedure to increase breast volume. This surgery only requires minimal incisions. With proper care, the scars resulting from these incisions become almost unnoticeable.   Fat grafting breast augmentation scars Whatever the cause (cut, accident, surgery…), any injury to the skin [...]

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Treating different types of circles around the eyes

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Circles around the eyes give the face a tired appearance. Removing these circles is a very common request from patients, it can be achieved through various non-invasive treatments depending on the type of circles and their severity. Injectables, fat grafting, chemical peels or laser, many different options are available to remove dark circles and c. Blue [...]

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Neck lift benefits

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Neck lift surgery is a procedure intended to remove excess skin and fat around the jaw. While this treatment cannot stop the aging process, it can refine and rejuvenate the neck. With age, our skin loses elasticity, which causes it to sag and wrinkles to form. The neck lift addresses this issue by removing excess skin [...]

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What do ablative and non-ablative lasers do ?

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Skin resurfacing treatments use different types of lasers to address various skin problems. These lasers deliver high energy light beams with specific wavelengths depending on the type of laser used. Each skin problem is treated with a specific laser and wavelength to reach the target, which is melanin in case of pigmented lesions, oxyhaemoglobin in case [...]

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