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Breast implant size and positioning : how surgeons determine what’s best

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Under the muscle, over the muscle, dual plane, what does it mean ? Under the muscle, over the muscle, dual plane, what does it mean ? Breast implants can be placed in front of or behind the pectoral muscle. The pectoral muscle is the muscle located in the chest, under the woman's breasts. This [...]

What PRP injections can treat and how

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Platelet rich plasma injections use the regenerative properties of the platelets and growth factors. Platelets are cells in the blood responsible for the primary hemostasis (which stops bleeds). Platelets are able to release growth factors locally. Growth factors are small molecules acting as messengers telling the body where to start skin and tissue regeneration. Platelets are [...]

Brazilian Butt Lift : what surgeons assess during the clinical examination and why

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Buttocks cosmetic procedures aim at improving buttocks volume and shape. The introduction of fat grafting has changed the approach to treat the buttocks. Harvesting from excess fat areas with liposuction offer the possibility to sculpt the shape of the buttocks as well as the surrounding areas (hips, saddlebags, thighs, etc.) while increasing the size of the [...]

How to treat tuberous breasts

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Tuberous breasts Breast malformations are relatively common for women, but also for men. These malformations are hard to live with and often lead to significant self-consciousness issues : difficulties finding clothes, fear of looking in the mirror, anxiety, etc. Breast malformations are congenital (birth defect), which means abnormal breast growth is responsible for their [...]

Eyelid lift : the subciliary and transconjunctival approaches

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Eyelid lift Tunisia The eyelid surgery, commonly called eyelid lift or blepharoplasty, treats excess skin, dark circles around the eyes and other consequences of natural aging. The eyelid ages and progressively loses its youthful features. Its opening decreases, it becomes less dynamic and more wrinkled, which results in a tired or sad appearance of [...]

The ideal breast features : base, skin, tissue proportions

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Many patients consult surgeons thinking their breasts aren't pretty, misplaced or sagging. Yet, a lot of women imagine imperfections that aren't real. If you're wondering how surgeon 'measure' the beauty of the breasts, the following features, among others, are what they take into account to recommend breast implants size, breast lift techniques or even the extent [...]

Tummy tuck options

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Tummy tuck surgery can be considered when the stomach is lax with more or less excess sagging skin. In severe cases, skin excess forms what is called a pannus, which is similar to an apron, covering the pubic area. Significant skin excess and laxity in the stomach usually occurs after weight loss or twin pregnancies, it [...]

Brazilian Butt Lift : How does it work ? How is the recovery ?

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The demand for Brazilian Butt Lift usually increases with the return of a warmer weather. The Brazilian Butt Lift combines liposuction in areas with excess fat (such as the flanks or saddlebags) with fat transfer in the buttocks. Fat grafting buttock augmentation can be used instead of buttock implants for most patients, which is less traumatic [...]

Is there an ideal moment for facial rejuvenation treatments ?

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Is it preferable to wait for wrinkles to set in or to treat as soon as they appear ? We asked Dr.Balti's opinion to know when is the right time for anti-aging non-invasive treatments : Botox and fillers. Facial rejuvenation treatments When is the right time for Botox injections ? Botox injections are usually [...]

Cosmetic surgery results, 10 years after the procedure

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10 years after a facelift, liposuction or rhinoplasty, are the results still there ? How do those results change over time ? Here are some answers. Facelift Facelift, 10 years after the procedure Testimony of a 60 years old female patient 10 years after her facelift I was looking in the mirror one day [...]