What to expect from BBL and buttock implants

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If you choose buttock implants Buttock implants can achieve significant volume increases to change the appearance of flat buttocks, with more roundness in the upper part and sides of the buttocks. Buttock implants are made of cohesive silicone gel, which is flexible but firmer and more resistant than breast implants. Cohesive gel reduces the risk of [...]

Get rid of your bags under your eyes with blepharoplasty surgery

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Skin aging and tissue distension often cause 'bags' to form under the eyes. These bags tend to make the face look tired and to accentuate circles around the eyes, which can become an issue. Cosmetic surgery can treat this issue to restore a fresh and well-rested appearance of the face. About blepharoplasty surgery Blepharoplasty, commonly called [...]

Addressing the lack of volume in the gluteal region with buttock implants

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Given the importance of the appearance of the buttocks in today's beauty criterias, it is understandable that a lack of buttock volume can cause confidence and self-esteem issues in certain women. Buttock augmentation with implants can improve buttock volume to address this issue. Who is buttock augmentation for ? Any adult presenting with a lack of [...]

Removing excess skin in the inner side of the arms

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Arm Lift surgery, referred to as brachioplasty, removes skin and possibly fat from the bottom side of the arms. The arm lift is often requested to correct the appearance of the arms after a massive weight loss that causes skin sagging. Who is the arm lift for ? Bariatric surgery allows many patients to lose weight [...]

Fat transfer breast augmentation : what can and cannot be done

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Fat grafting breast augmentation is an alternative to breast augmentation with implants. However, the volume increase achieved with fat transfer is limited for a single procedure and also depends on the patient. How fat grafting breast augmentation works Fat transfer breast augmentation can increase breast size by approximately one cup size. It can also change how [...]

Tummy tuck surgery : Q&A

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Who can benefit from an abdominoplasty ? This procedure can be performed on patients presenting with lax and sagging skin. In severe skin sagging cases, an apron of skin and fat sags over the pubic area, which can be removed by a tummy tuck. This typically happens after a significant weight loss or twin pregnancies. In [...]

Lifting the breasts with or without added volume

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One of the most hated aging signs in women is the loss of firmness of tissues and skin leading to breast sagging (breast ptosis is the clinical term). Many other factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations and simply aging change breast shape, with a risk of breast sagging. The breast lift can restore a young [...]

Treating chin imperfections and aging signs to restore facial harmony

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The chin has a major role in facial harmony, from the front or a side view angle. Hyaluronic acid injections are commonly used to correct a lack of volume, a receding chin or a lack of projection. Here is how it works. What hyaluronic acid can do for the chin An over projected or receding chin [...]

More defined and toned muscles with Vaser liposuction

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Vaser liposuction, or HD liposuction, is a newer type of liposuction procedure designed to sculpt the body precisely by removing fat in problematic areas while exposing muscle groups in order to create more flattering contours. While standard liposuction is used to remove fat evenly, more recent techniques such as Vaser liposuction offers superior results. HD liposuction [...]

Improving muscle definition with cosmetic procedures for men

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Nowadays, men of all ages are using cosmetic surgery to improve and rejuvenate their appearance. Men often seek treatments to improve the appearance of their nose, to rejuvenate their face and to slim down their waistline. Here are the most suited cosmetic procedures for men. Body contouring with liposuction The ideal figure for men is slim [...]

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