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Breast augmentations incisions and implants positions

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Breast augmentations incisions and implants positions Breast augmentation can be performed using two positioning techniques : the retro-glandular position and the retro-muscular position, or a combination of these two. Breast implants can be placed under fat and glandular tissue for patients who have sufficient breast tissue to cover the implants. Breast implants are also [...]

Treating hypertrophied breast and breast ptosis

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Having beautiful breasts is not always possible when the woman's body goes through weight fluctuations, multiple pregnancies... Over time, breasts tend to sag and lose their original shape. These changes are rarely welcomed, which is why many women ask for breast procedures to correct different imperfections. Breast surgery can restore the natural roundness of the breasts [...]

Septoplasty : what is it and when is it necessary ?

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The nose is the most visible component of the face. It is a sign of character, but it can easily become a source of complex. Whether it is because of an overly large or short nose, a nasal hump or a nose deviation, nose imperfections and defects can be corrected with surgery. When a nose deviation [...]

Cervico-facial lift : when it is performed and how

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Over time, the face becomes more and more affected by aging signs. The skin gradually loses elasticity and tone, which leaves room for imperfections such as the jowls, the double-chin and wrinkles. Alleviating aging signs is possible with cosmetic surgery. The face and neck lift, also know as cervico-facial lift, is one of the most requested [...]

Common questions about body contouring

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Body contouring refers to cosmetic procedures designed to remove excess skin and fat causing aesthetic issues, which also includes skin tightening. These procedures can thin down problematic areas and restore smooth body contours after weight loss or skin sagging : liposuction, fat grafting, tummy tuck, lifting techniques and volume augmentation procedures. Common questions about body [...]

How breast lift surgery improves breast shape

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Mastopexia, or breast lift surgery, is intended to correct breast ptosis or asymmetry. Thanks to this procedure, patients can enjoy more harmonious breasts. How breast lift surgery improves breast shape The breast lift procedure Mastopexia requires reducing the overly large breast skin envelope in order for natural breast tissue to be compacted and repositioned [...]

Injectables : about the frozen face and pain

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Injectables : about the frozen face and pain Will my face be frozen if I get Botox injections ? Botox might have some bad press, but it is the most efficient and simple treatment there is. Botox is also the cheapest course of action against wrinkles considering anti-aging products do not offer comparable results. [...]

Liposuction for men : benefits and uses

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Men are more and more interested in liposuction to remove unwanted fat pockets and slim down their body. Body care is now part of men's concerns, which is why the demand for cosmetic treatments and products has increased. Liposuction for men : benefits and uses Fat distribution and male liposuction benefits Excess weight is [...]

Preventive skin care is a safe bet against wrinkles

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There is no specific age to benefit from skin care and treatments, it depends on the indication. For instance, fruit acid peels can help 16 years old patients, with their parents approval, with hyperseborrhoea and acne, which is often problematic at that age. Vascular laser sessions are also frequently used to treat angioma. While hyaluronic based [...]

Is non-surgical rhinoplasty a viable alternative to surgery ?

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Medical rhinoplasty is a nose reshaping procedure that does not involve surgery. This technique uses filler(mainly hyaluronic acid) injections to correct defects or improve the appearance of the nose. The procedure can take place in the practitioner's office. Most hyaluronic based products include local anesthetic, which avoids the need for a anesthetic cream before the injections [...]