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Persisting bulges are a problem for a lot of people who put effort into exercise and diet and do not see concrete results.Liposuction is designed to remove these fat deposits. .

Diet and exercise are rarely efficient to slim down persisting fat deposits, but that’s where liposuction excels. During surgery, fat deposits located under the skin are removed (sub-cutaneous fat) with a thin hollow stainless steel tube called cannula which is connected to a vacuuming system. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia when larges areas have to be treated, local anesthesia can be used for smaller treatment areas such as the chin, the knees, the ankles, etc. During one procedure, several areas can be treated, the duration of the surgery can therefore vary between 40 minutes to 2 hours.

Liposuction is not designed to make patients lose weight or treat obesity. The body mass index can be used to determine if the procedure is suited to the patient’s objectives.

A week off work is recommended after liposuction. During this resting period, treatment sites must be kept clean and dry. A compression garment has to be worn during a few weeks to help minimize swelling, prevent fluids accumulation and form new body contours. The result can be seen around 6 weeks post-op. However, most patients notice slimming quickly.


Best suited patients for this procedure are individuals with a normal weight bothered by persisting fat deposits forming bulges. It is important for the patient to have precise objectives justifying the surgery to better appreciate the aesthetic improvement afterwards.

Common liposuction sites

Liposuction can treat a lot of different areas of the body such as the thighs, the hips, loves handles, the abdomen, the arms and less frequently (and with a thinner cannula), the ankles, knees and chin.

Are the results permanent ?

Maintaining healthy eating habits and regular physical activities the key to preserve liposuction’s results. If you gain weight after surgery, the fat cells remaining in the treated area can swell and occupy the same volume as before.