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Breast augmentation with implants

Breast implants are used to increase breast volume significantly and preserve the natural appearance of the breasts.

Breast augmentation in Tunisia with implants is one of the most requested cosmetic procedure by patients of all ages, the goal of this surgery is to correct the lack / absence of development of the breasts.

Women choosing breast implants in Tunisia usually want to address a breast volume issue, which can occur after pregnancy, weight loss or be the result of underdeveloped breasts (hypoplastic breasts). Breast implants are also commonly used to correct asymmetries (uneven breasts) or tuberous breasts. The appearance of the breasts are plays an important part in women’s well-being and confidence, this is why the benefits of breast augmentation aren’t limited to an aesthetic improvement.

The procedure

Breast augmentation in Tunisia is very popular due to its very high satisfaction rate. The operation in itself is one Hour long on average and is perform under general anesthesia.

The breast implant is inserted through an short incision made in the natural fold of the under-breast (inframammary fold), in the underarms or along the border of the areola. An overnight stay under medical observation is usually required after the operation.

The breast implant brands used by Dr.Balti are regulated and meet the highest standards of safety and quality. The required medical exams and a mammography are made before the surgery to detect any contraindication. A resting period of one week is necessary following the surgery. Postoperative restrictions can vary depending on the nature of the patient’s work.

Position of the implants

There are two ways of positioning breast implants, each one offering specific benefits and results :

  • Behind the muscle (sub-muscular position) : the implant is positioned behind, or partially behind the pectoral muscle.

  • In front of the muscle (sub-glandular position) : the implant is positioned between the muscle and breast tissue.

This choice depends on the patient’s body type and the expected results as well as Dr.Balti recommendations.

Size of the implants

A large variety of sizes are available for women choosing breast implants in Tunisia. Following an examination, doctor Balti will make his recommendations as to which size suits the patients body type best. The implants can be tried on during the consultation, their size is measured in cubic centimeters (cc).

Breast augmentation patients must take a week off work and avoid driving during this time. Physically demanding activities and heavy lifting are prohibited during the initial recovery. Mild to moderate pain are sometimes experienced after breast augmentation, but standard painkillers can easily manage them.

Are there precautions to take after undergoing breast augmentation ?

After breast augmentation with implants, patients need to wear a supportive bra for one month. Exercising is not recommended during this time. It is also recommended to maintain a stable weight and avoid getting pregnant during a year following surgery.

I’m taking medication, can I still undergo breast augmentation surgery ?

Depending on what the treatment is, the anesthesiologist will explain if you have to keep taking your medication, stop taking them or replace them with other medication. Remember to take your prescription with you when meeting with your anesthesiologist.

I’m a smoker, can I still undergo breast augmentation ?

Smoking delays the wound healing process and increases the risk of complications during and after surgery. Patients have to stop smoking before and after the procedure, surgeons will cancel the procedure if their patient fails to meet this requirement, which can be confirmed by a test in case of doubt.

From what age can I undergo breast augmentation in Tunisia ?

The procedure is possible at the end of growth, which corresponds to the end of puberty. It is preferable to reach the age of majority before considering this procedure even though minors can undergo breast augmentation with their parent’s consent.

How long is breast augmentation surgery ?

Surgery time is approximately one hour.

Is breast augmentation with implants painful ?

Breast augmentation with implants can cause pain when implants are positioned under the muscle. Postoperative pain typically manifests during the two days following surgery in the form of soreness. Painkillers are prescribed to alleviate postoperative pain.

Can I exercise after breast augmentation ?

No, breast augmentation patients have to stop exercising for a month after their operation. Walking is still possible and recommended from the first days following surgery.

Is breastfeeding possible after breast augmentation ?

Yes, in the majority of the cases, because mammary ducts are not severed. Breast implants are positioned behind the mammary gland, even with a periareolar incision.

Do I have to plan a work stoppage ?

Depending on your job, 3 to 10 days of rest are necessary after breast augmentation surgery.

How do I wash myself after surgery ?

Showering is possible after surgery. Water and soap are good for scars with no issues provided they are rinsed and dried properly.