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Buttock augmentation

Silicone buttock implants can significantly increase the size of the buttocks, they are designed for women who want a curvier derriere.

Well-rounded buttocks are all the rage, and many women spend a lot of time at the gym without seeing any result. The bottom area can be particularly resilient to changes. Women with flat buttocks that won’t gain volume with exercise can get this surgery to correct a lack of volume or roundness. If you’ve been interested with this procedure, click on the contact button at the bottom of the page to schedule a consultation with doctor Balti.

Buttock implants

Buttock implants are made of silicone gel, they are inserted in the buttocks to improve their appearance. The procedure aims at making the buttocks more round and full. Since we constantly sit on our bottoms, the implants must withstand body weight without any risk of leakage or rupture, this is why they are made of silicone gel. Many patients choose to combine their buttocks augmentation with liposuction to accentuate the hips to buttocks transition.

How are buttock implants inserted ?

Just like any other implant, it is inserted in the buttocks through an incision. The incision is made above the buttock muscle, in the intergluteal fold. The scar resulting from the incision heals quickly and fade almost entirely after 1 year. The procedure is 1 to 2 hours long and performed under general anesthesia. A 48 hours stay at the clinic is usually required.

Buttocks augmentation in Tunisia : recovery

Drains can be placed in the incision site to collect fluids that are harmful to wound healing. A dressing is placed after the procedure, followed by a compressive garment. Walking is usually possible after 48 hours. Patients have to sleep lying on their stomach during a certain amount of time.

Bruising and swelling following surgery can extend to the thighs, they start diminishing after the first week. Postoperative discomfort and pain usually occur during the first days following the operation, antibiotics and painkillers are prescribed to alleviate them.

Patients have to wait a few days before sitting in order to avoid exerting pressure on the implants. The definitive result can be seen after about 3 months (swelling goes down differently for each patient).