• thigh lift

Thigh lift

To tone up thighs that are overloaded with excess skin,the thigh lift removes excess tissues and tightens the skin. The result : refined legs and a slimmed figure.

Thigh lift is a procedure designed to remove excess skin and fat from the inner and outer thighs. Tissue excess in this area often develops following significant weight loss, but individuals with a normal weight may also be concerned in spite of regular physical activity and proper nutrition. Liposuction is sometimes combined to the thigh lift to improve thigh contours.


Each patient is different, therefore the thigh lift adapts to the extent and location of the corrections to be made. The thigh lift becomes a necessity when :

  • The patient has managed to lose weight by dieting and wishes to get rid of persisting tissue excess.

  • Clothes aren’t fitting anymore because of overloaded thighs.

  • The thighs are causing significant embarrassment and loss of confidence.

The procedure

Correcting the inner thighs

An incision is made in the groin (pubic region). Any skin or fat excess along the inner thigh is directly removed. Liposuction, which is not always necessary, can be used during the procedure depending on fat deposits in the area. The legs are treated from the top of the inner thigh to the knee.

Correcting the outer thighs

The outer thighs are more complex to treat, but the correction is essentially the same as the inner thighs. Part of the buttocks can be remodeled at the same time to remove enough tissue excess. Scars are usually more significant on this side of the thighs.


Right after surgery, you’ll be able to see the new contours of your thighs. Swelling and bruising will quickly appear, that’s why the compressive garment must be worn during a week or so, night and day.

During 14 days following surgery, patients can’t exercise because this period is crucial for recovery. Gravity, walking and sitting puts pressure on sutures, there fore movements must be limited to the bear minimum. Swelling resorbs over a 3 to 5 weeks period. Normal activities can resume after about 3 weeks as long as they don’t cause pain or discomfort. Heavy lifting is, of course, to avoid during 6 weeks.