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Arm lift

In order to treat skin laxity in the inner arms, the arm lift surgery removes skin excess and tightens the skin in the area.

Cosmetic surgery of the arms, also called brachioplasty, tightens lax skin and removes fat deposits in the inner side of the upper arms which leads to an unsightly flabby appearance. Excess skin are often caused by weight loss or natural aging, their removal tones up the arms, from the shoulders to the elbows. Liposuction can be used in some cases to optimize the result. Each year, thousands of patients undergo this procedure because of its very high satisfactory rate.

When to consider an arm lift in Tunisia ?

  • When your weight is normal, but the shape of your arms is disrupted by flabby skin in the inner side of the upper arms.
  • If you have lost a lot of weight and this weight loss has left you with unsightly excess skin in the inner arms.
  • If you accept that the arm lift will sculpt and tone your arms in exchange for a scar that fades well over time.

The surgery

Dr.Balti will mark your shoulders, your arms and your armpits (location, direction and length of the incisions) before the procedure. The surgery is 1 to 2 hours long and performed under general anesthesia. The incisions are made in the inner arms, they allow the removal of excess skin, and possibly, excess fat with liposuction, before being closed by sutures.

Benefits of the arm lift

  • Wearing short sleeves and tight clothes is much easier for those who were embarrassed by their flabby arms before their surgery.

  • Arm surgery can make wonders for the patient’s self esteem and confidence.

  • Thinning down the arms also slims down the patient’s whole figure.


After weight loss, excess skin in the inner side of the upper arms are frequent. While exercise can tone up the arm to a certain degree, it cannot induce skin retraction and skin excess will always persist. Here are the reasons justifying your choice to undergo a brachioplasty in Tunisia with Dr.Balti :

  • You have lost enough weight, but excess skin in your inner arms are problematic.
  • Your skin is sagging due to natural aging, which has led to a flabby appearance of your inner arms.
  • You’re in good health, you don’t smoke and don’t have any condition that would pose a risk of complication during surgery or recovery.