• 3D Crisalix simulator for breast augmentation tunisia
  • 3D Crisalix simulation for breast augmentation tunisia

3D simulation for breast augmentation in Tunisia

The 3D Crisalix simulator  allows patients to see their breast augmentation result before surgery, during the initial consultation.

3D simulation is an excellent tool that can be used to make sure the patient can truly benefit from a breast augmentation and to plan every detail of the procedure to ensure a satisfying result.

Crisalix works by using the patient’s photos to replicate his body in 3D. From the photos, Crisalix technology renders the patient’s body in three dimensions, which can be viewed from every angle. 3D renders can be modified to simulate breast augmentation results with different implants, implants position, implant profiles… This allows the patient and her surgeon to determine the expected result with precision.

Plastic surgery 3D simulation: comparing before and after

Crisalix offers you the possibility to compare the current appearance of your breasts with their appearance after a breast augmentation. You can view high-definition images in every angle to make the comparison more easily. 3D images can be used long before the operation to simulate a breast augmentation result, which is very useful for patients to refine their choice.

Making the right choice with plastic surgery 3D simulation Crisalix

Choosing to undergo breast augmentation surgery is an important decision that should never be taken lightly, which is why it is always good to have as much information as possible to make the right choice. With the help of Crisalix technology, Dr.Balti’s patients can clearly see if breast augmentation can offer the result they want. 3D simulation also shows them other types of results that can be achieved by switching the types of implants, the implants’ volume, their profile…

Prepare your 3D simulation prior to consultation

If you plan on consulting Dr.balti for a breast augmentation, you can benefit from Crisalix’s 3D simulation to see the possible outcomes of surgery : the shape, volume, position and projection of the breasts.

In order to do that, you need to use the Crisalix platform to upload 3 standard pictures (create your profile and upload 3 photos) by clicking the lick below. Once the 3D images are rendered, simply click on the ‘make an appointment’ button to schedule your consultation.

Breast augmentation 3D simulation online

Crisalix technology also offers you the possibility to simulate your breast augmentation result if you are planning an online consultation. In order to do that, you can prepare your consultation by creating your profile and uploading 3 photos as mentioned above. When scheduling your consultation, simply specify that it is going to be an online consultation.