If you want to get rid of certain imperfections or simply rejuvenate your face, non-invasive treatment can offer you improvements, but many imperfections and heavy aging signs require cosmetic surgery for a satisfying result. If you are searching for an efficient treatment with long-lasting results, here is an overview of your cosmetic surgery options.

Eyelid lift (blepharoplasty)

Excess skin in the upper eyelids results from skin laxity and it tends to make the eyes look tired. This problem cannot be addressed with injectables, it requires surgical skin removal in the form of an eyelid lift.

The upper eyelids are treated by removing excess skin through an incision made in the eyelid crease, which is very discreet once healing is complete. The lower eyelids are typically treated by removing the ‘under eye bags’, which consists of fat. If the tear through is hollowed, fillers can be injected in this region to restore volume.


Correcting imperfections of the nose is a very common request. These imperfections are mainly nasal humps and disproportions in the nasal tip (too large, too saggy or too round). In certain cases, nasal humps can be hidden very easily with filler injections, which is called a medical rhinoplasty. For more extended correction, surgical rhinoplasty remains the better option with permanent results.

Face lift

The loss of facial roundness, wrinkles and skin laxity are the most common concerns among patients consulting for a face lift. While fillers and Botox injections can achieve some improvements, these options are more efficient as preventive measures against aging signs. Through incision around the ears, face lift surgery treats tissue laxity in the lower third of the face by removing excess skin and restoring normal skin tension. There are many different face lift techniques and the neck can be treated as well to achieve a more comprehensive result.

Depending on the result you are expecting, Dr.Balti will recommend you the right course of action and the best options available.