Breast surgery is a major part of plastic surgery. Treatments are simpler than ever and they include many options to reshape the breasts. Breast surgery aims at making the breasts more feminine and correcting breast malformations. It takes different components into account: the weight of the mammary gland, skin, areolas, nipples, milk ducts and fat tissue.

Breast surgery to improve the appearance of the breasts

Breast lift, or mastopexia

This procedure aims at lifting up the breasts and changing the position of the areolas and nipples in order for them to not point downwards anymore and restore a normal breast projection. Breast lift surgery is intended for women with breast ptosis (breast sagging) caused by skin aging, significant weight loss or pregnancy. The operation is approximately 3 hours long and performed with general anaesthesia.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular and requested breast procedure. It allows significant improvements in breast shape and volume for dramatic transformations. For breast augmentation, patients can choose between breast implants and fat grafting breast augmentation. Breast implants offer more predictable results whereas fat grafting offers a perfectly natural appearance and consistency.

Surgery to correct inverted nipples

Inverted nipples are a breast malformation that can only be treated with surgery. The procedure is fairly simple and it can be performed with local anaesthesia. Surgeons use a small incision to reach milk ducts and cut them, which allows the nipples to project normally, outwards.

Breast surgery offers reliable and safe treatment to correct many breast defects and imperfection. These treatments can also meet patients’ expectations when it comes to improving the appearance, shape, volume, projection and position of the breasts, even if the patient does not present with visible imperfections.