Breast implants : choosing the filling material

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Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure where implants are inserted behind the mammary gland through a discreet incision. Even though this procedure's principle is always the same, many choices have to be made. Patients have to take the time to think about these choices before making their decisions. Here is more information about the different types [...]

Thigh lift surgery : who is for ? Are there contraindications ?

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Thigh lift surgery aims at removing excess skin, but also excess fat causing friction between the inner thighs, which can become problematic when walking. The procedure reduces fat infiltration with liposuction and removes excess skin to restore normal skin tension in the area. Who can benefit from thigh lift surgery ? Skin in the inner thighs [...]

Fat grafting in the fields of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

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Fat grafting surgery is a procedure involving fat harvesting and fat injections on the same patient to restore volume or reshape certain areas. Patients requesting this procedure are asked to stop smoking if they do smoke 1 month before the procedure (sometimes more) since it delays wound healing and increases the risk of infection. In which [...]

About non-surgical genioplasty

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What is non-surgical, or medicinal genioplasty ? Medical genioplasty is intended to correct chin and jaw defects and imperfections with hyaluronic acid (HA) injections. Who is this procedure for ? The shape of the chin plays an important part in facial harmony for men as well as for women. Medical genioplasty can be considered at the [...]

Lip enhancement treatments to make your lips look their best

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The lips are the fleshy part of the mouth. They play an important part in seduction. They often are the center of attention, which is why more and more women are seeking lip enhancement treatments. Patients can choose to simply rehydrate their lips to rejuvenate their appearance or request lip augmentation to correct a lack of [...]

Find out what is causing your eyes to swell to get rid of under eye bags

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If you sometimes wake up with puffy eyes, your face probably looks tired because of it. Over time, under eye bags can be a concern for women and men. Whether you are bothered by slight swelling under your eyes or by big under eye bags, these tend to disturb facial harmony. How do they form ? [...]

Rhinoplasty for men : how is it different ?

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Men's skin in the nose region is thicker than women's skin, and men's noses often have a history of trauma, which is why rhinoplasty for men includes specific techniques. Men's noses have the following characteristics : skin is thicker and more oily, the nose has often suffered injuries (the septum can present with bone fracture scars [...]

My thighs are flabby, is there a way to tone them up ?

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There are several surgical and non-invasive options to tone up the thigh area, the most popular are the thigh lift and radiofrequency. Thigh lift surgery can tighten up the inner side of the thighs, especially when excess skin has accumulated in this region. Radiofrequency treatments are recommended for slight to moderate skin laxity. I have severe [...]

Choosing the right breast implant size for each patient

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Choosing breast implant size is choosing your breast size. This choice is often made during the second consultation. Depending on the patient's wish for her new cup size, several implants can be presented to her and tried on to get a better idea of what the definitive result will look like. It is important to understand [...]

Correcting ear cartilage defects

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Otoplasty, or ear pinning surgery, can correct the shape of the ears or draw them back closer to the sides of the head. The procedure can correct one ear of both. The surgical correction of ears that stick out reshapes the auricle when they are deemed prominent. Otoplasty targets cartilage in the auricle area to correct [...]

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