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Lymphatic draining massages after cosmetic surgery

Par |2022-11-05T16:31:59+01:00novembre 6th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Lymphatic drainage : who is for ? Lymphatic drainage massages are not only beneficial to patients after surgery. Considering its many benefits, individuals feeling sick, tired, lethargic or lacking energy can benefit from this massage. Athletes who sustained an injury can also resort to lymphatic drainage to improve recuperation and healing. Patients who were operated on [...]

The most common procedures in breast surgery

Par |2022-11-05T16:03:45+01:00novembre 5th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Breast surgery is a major part of plastic surgery. Treatments are simpler than ever and they include many options to reshape the breasts. Breast surgery aims at making the breasts more feminine and correcting breast malformations. It takes different components into account: the weight of the mammary gland, skin, areolas, nipples, milk ducts and fat tissue. [...]

How to manage the face lift’s postoperative course

Par |2022-11-03T16:51:56+01:00novembre 3rd, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

The face and neck lift can be considered to restore a youthful appearance of the face when non-invasive options do not provide satisfying results. However, the face lift is a surgical procedure, which means patients have to expect certain consequences of surgery such as bruising, swelling, discomfort… In order to ensure the success of the operation, [...]

Benefits of modern breast implants

Par |2022-11-01T17:19:29+01:00novembre 2nd, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Breast augmentation surgery is a constantly evolving procedure in terms of materials and surgical techniques. Here are the benefits of breast augmentation to improve the appearance of the breasts or correct breast volume lost following pregnancy. Why patients request breast augmentation Breast augmentation is the most requested procedure in the field of cosmetic surgery. Many women [...]

Facial rejuvenation options

Par |2022-11-01T17:07:24+01:00novembre 1st, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

If you want to get rid of certain imperfections or simply rejuvenate your face, non-invasive treatment can offer you improvements, but many imperfections and heavy aging signs require cosmetic surgery for a satisfying result. If you are searching for an efficient treatment with long-lasting results, here is an overview of your cosmetic surgery options. Eyelid lift [...]

Is there an ideal time to get a breast augmentation ?

Par |2022-10-25T20:12:38+02:00octobre 29th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Many patients request breast augmentation surgery to increase the size of their breast and improve their shape. Accentuating the cleavage areas is also a frequent request. If you are wondering if it is the right time to get a breast augmentation or if there is an ideal moment of your life to dot it, here is [...]

Which breast augmentation technique is best for you?

Par |2022-10-25T19:58:04+02:00octobre 28th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Improving breast volume and shape is one of the most common requests in cosmetic surgery. While breast augmentation with implants is the most common technique, increasing breast volume and improving their shape can also be achieved through fat grafting and a combination of implants and fat grafting. Breast implants are used for significant volume increases and [...]

Are saline breast implants still a viable option ?

Par |2022-10-25T19:46:14+02:00octobre 27th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Many women request a breast augmentation surgery to correct a lack of breast volume or improve the shape of their breast after pregnancy. One of the main choices patients have to make is the type of implant with the help of their surgeon. While silicone breast implants are more popular than saline implants, saline remains a [...]

Cosmetic surgery: when is it the right time?

Par |2022-10-25T14:08:37+02:00octobre 26th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Slowing the aging process and prevention are key concerns in aesthetics, just like medicine. Prevention basics are still crucial: avoiding sun exposure, smoking and alcohol, eating healthy, exercising regularly and drinking plenty of water. Today, these basics are complemented by efficient treatments as soon as the first aging signs show. Surgical treatment also allows patients to [...]

Is the face and neck lift for you ?

Par |2022-10-25T14:16:48+02:00octobre 25th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

The request for facial and neck rejuvenation treatments has increased, but it differs from what patients wanted previously. Patients are expecting a natural look, with a simpler and shorter recovery. Facial rejuvenation procedures are performed on younger patients nowadays, starting from the age of 40 for facelifts. Treating the lower third of the face can be [...]

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