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Breast reduction for men and women : same procedure, different expectations

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While most people often associate breast surgery with breast augmentation, breast reduction surgery is now a well know surgery. More and more women request this procedure to address symptoms and daily difficulties related to overly large breasts. The procedure is also in high demand among men who usually request the operation to get rid of breast [...]

Male breast reduction surgery : what causes it ?

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Gynecomastia surgery The term gynecomastia refers to male breasts becoming enlarged. Here are the condition's different causes depending on the age to know if gynecomastia surgery can be useful. Teenagers At the age of puberty, it is not uncommon for boys to develop gynecomastia, which can enlarge one breast more than the other. Breast [...]

Questions to ask yourself before getting rhinoplasty

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Nose imperfections sometimes make life miserable, which is why rhinoplasty can have a significant impact on patients lives by restoring their confidence and self-esteem.If you've been considering nose surgery, here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself before going ahead with the operation. Rhinoplasty When should I request the procedure ? [...]

Cosmetic procedures for men : aging signs and weight loss consequences

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Cosmetic procedures for men Men too have plastic surgery needs, they can be, just like women, embarrassed about body imperfections. Cosmetic procedures for men offers body treatments such as tummy tuck, abdominal or love handles liposuction and body contouring after massive weight loss. Facial procedures are also available to men : face and neck [...]

Double-chin causes and treatments : they differ

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In certain cases, the double chin results from skin laxity in the neck or from a recessed chin. However, for the vast majority of the patients, the double-chin develops because of weight gain or skin laxity associated with fat accumulation. Assessment of the chin allows Dr Balti to determine the course of action. Clinical examination The [...]

What you can expect from breast reduction recovery and results

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Breast hypertrophy is a defined by overly large breasts in relation with the rest of the body. Breast volume excess is often associated with breast ptosis and sometimes breast asymmetry. Hypertrophic breast can cause chronic back and neck pain as well as maceration of the skin. It can also lead to psychological distress, embarrassment and limited [...]

Non-surgical rhinoplasty : is it efficient for your nose ?

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Since non-surgical, or medical, rhinoplasty is performed with filler injections to correct imperfections by bringing volume in the treatment area, the patient's nasal imperfection has to be treatable with fillers, which is not always the case. Rhinoplasty Hollowed nasal bridge This case is non-surgical rhinoplasty's best indication. Fillers can raise the nasal bridge and [...]

Lower face and neck definition : two major aspects of facial rejuvenation

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Facial contouring treatment of the lower face and neck is a common patient request. It relies on rejuvenation procedures, mainly face lift and contouring techniques, especially in case of double chin. Facial contours and neck definition Whether it's natural ageing causing facial contours laxity or a lack of definition with a double chin in young adults, [...]

Mommy makeover : correct pregnancy related unwanted changes

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More and more women choose plastic surgery to reverse unwanted alterations of their body following pregnancy, usually in the stomach and breasts areas. Breasts tend to inflate and deflate after breast feeding. These volume variations stretch the skin envelope of the breasts, which translates to breast ptosis when breast volume returns to normal. This is why [...]

Here is how breast lift surgery offers durable results

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The term breast ptosis is used to describe breast sagging : glandular tissue and skin envelope. In this case, the breasts often seem empty in the upper pole and sit too low on the chest. Breast ptosis can develop after weight loss, pregnancy and breast feeding. In case of significant breast hypertrophy, breast ptosis is inevitable [...]