Different types of nose surgeries to correct defects and imperfections

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Rhinoplasty can be completed in half an hour, but it can also take several hours depending on the type of procedure. The surgeon determines which corrections are needed depending on the patient's nasal structure and expectations. Different types of nose surgeries to correct defects and imperfections Primary rhinoplasty and revisions Primary rhinoplasty is the [...]

Everything you need to know about Diastasis recti

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Diastasis recti affects many pregnant women after childbirth (approximately 30%). Diastasis recti is normal during pregnancy and usually resolves 4 to 5 months after childbirth. However, certain women still have a swollen belly and protruding abdominal muscles after that period. While this issue only affects the appearance of the stomach area in certain cases, it can [...]

Can I get rid of my double chin ?

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Many men are concerned with the appearance of their double chin, which is associated with skin sagging. If your double chin is bothering you, making you look older or overweight, cosmetic surgery is your best bet to get rid of it. The double chin is often problematic because of excess skin disturbing facial harmony. Can [...]

Treating functional and aesthetic nose issues

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Treating functional and aesthetic nose issues Septoplasty is a surgical procedure intended to correct septum deviations causing discomfort or functional issues. During this procedure, the surgeon straightens the septum without changing the appearance of the nose. When septum deviation is associated with a deviation of the whole nose (crooked nose), septoplasty can be combined [...]

Is it possible to look young at 50 ?

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Around the age of 50, aging signs become more and more visible on the body. For a lot of women, deep wrinkles, skin folds in the neck, skin sagging around the eyelids and jawline, as well as breast ptosis and excess skin in the lower stomach are an issue. Fortunately, there are multiple cosmetic procedures intended [...]

Tummy tuck after gastric sleeve

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Tummy tuck is one of many reconstructive surgeries, it can be performed after bariatric procedures such as the gastric sleeve to repair the stomach area following weight loss. Tummy tuck after gastric sleeve The gastric sleeve This bariatric surgery, which is a treatment for morbid obesity, is intended for overweight patients with a BMI of 40 [...]

Treating one of the most persistent fat deposits : saddlebags

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Treating one of the most persistent fat deposits : saddlebags Saddlebags is the term used to designate fat deposits located in the outer side of the thighs. This area tends to retain fat even with weight loss and despite efforts in the lifestyle, food and exercise departments. The size of this particular fat deposit [...]

Preparing your summer with the right treatments

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First of all, you need to protect yourself from UV and high temperatures every time you are outside. Skin care, mesotherapy and skin boosters are very useful for skin hydration before and after the holidays to repair skin in the face, cleavage and hands areas. Injectables can also help alleviate fatigue and energize the face. Slimming [...]

PRP and cosmetic surgery

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PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. PRP injections have been used in the field of aesthetic and regenerative medicine for more than 20 years. Plasma is part of the blood, it contains clotting factors. Platelets are cells in the blood serving coagulation and indirectly, wound healing. Where there is a wound (a cut for instance), plasma brings [...]

What you need to know if you are considering getting an eyelid lift

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Before any type of surgery, it is normal to be nervous and have a lot of questions about the procedure. Here is what you have to know before going ahead with eyelid surgery. What you need to know if you are considering getting an eyelid lift The experience of your surgeon matters a lot [...]

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