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How Botox injections are used in medicine and cosmetic medicine

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Botulinum toxin, commonly called Botox, is a well known non-invasive treatment intended for patients presenting with aging signs such lines and wrinkles. Treatment indications often depend on the patient's age. If you want your Botox injections performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon in Tunisia, get in touch with Dr.Balti through the contact form of his website. [...]

Hypertrophied / hypotrophic breasts : causes and treatments

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Certain women are embarrassed by overly large breast (breast hypertrophy) or hypotrophic breasts. Puberty, pregnancy, hormonal changes, weight gain or loss, aging or genetics, there are multiple causes to these breast conditions. Hypertrophied / hypotrophic breasts : causes and treatments Differences between breast hypertrophy and breast hypotrophy For certain young women, breasts grow abnormally [...]

How surgeons combine modern facelift techniques with rejuvenation treatments

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Facelift techniques include procedures designed to correct skin sagging. The facelift has to be adapted to the treatment area depending on patient's expectations. These recent years, progress have been made in improving facial rejuvenation techniques to minimize risks, recovery time and scars. Surgical facelifts are more efficient than non-invasive treatments because they address tissue sagging by [...]

Fat grafting technique improvements for facial rejuvenation

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Fat grafting surgery is a three-step procedure that has significantly changed over the past few years with the introduction of new measures. Fat grafting technique improvements for facial rejuvenation Fat harvesting Fat harvesting is now achieved with a micro-cannula significantly thinner than those used in the past. Liposuction entry points are smaller, therefore skin [...]

Caring for your hands with simple tips

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Caring for your hands is something that you probably only think about during the cold season. But the skin of the hands is just as vulnerable as facial skin, and caring for them is important all year round. Here are a few simples tips to keep your hands soft and prevent skin aging. If aging signs [...]

3 essentials tips to fight wrinkles

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How do you prevent wrinkles ? What do you do when you can see wrinkles or fine lines start to grow ? Although it is easier said than done, the most important things you can do to prevent wrinkles from growing or accentuating is protecting your skin from sun damage and having a daily skincare regimen. [...]

Facial fat grafting : treating aging signs naturally

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Facial fat grafting is one of the multiple facial rejuvenation treatments available today. This procedure can be used to treat many facial aging signs. Fat microinjections are efficient and offer permanent and natural results once the transferred fat has settled. Facial fat grafting : treating aging signs naturally Benefits of facial fat grafting Results [...]

Breast implants placement

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Breast implants placement Over the muscle or behind the muscle ? In order to understand implants placement, patients need to know a few things about breast anatomy. Breast are made of several layers : the rib cage, the pectoral muscles, the mammary gland, the subcutaneous tissue and the skin. A few options are available [...]

Cosmetic surgery after pregnancy : what are the options ?

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After pregnancy, a lot of women do not feel comfortable with their changed and sometimes damaged body. Stretch marks, distended abdominal muscles, breast ptosis, wrinkles around the eyes, extra pounds : a lot of women choose cosmetic surgery to correct these post-pregnancy changes. Patients have to wait at least 6 months after pregnancy ends to consider [...]

What happens after liposuction ?

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What happens after liposuction ? If you have chosen liposuction to get rid a few unsightly bulges, here is what happens after surgery. After surgery Liposuction can performed as an outpatient procedure (meaning the patient is hospitalized in the morning and can return the same day). Small incisions performed to perform liposuction are closed [...]