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Which buttocks shapes are problematic ?

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Buttocks shapes There are two procedures designed to increase the size of the buttocks : buttock implants and buttock augmentation with fat transfer. While volume increase is often what female patients expect from their surgery, the natural shape of the patient's buttocks is an important factor to take into account to determine how to [...]

Is ear surgery really necessary for protruding ears ?

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A lot of adults and children are bothered by protruding ears, or 'sticking out ears', and want to do something about it. If you're concerned with this problem (or your child), you can trust Dr.Balti, renowned surgeon in Tunisia, with your ear surgery Let's take a look at the causes of ear defects. What causes ear [...]

Weight fluctuations, skin laxity and skin removal surgeries

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Why does the skin sag after weight loss and which cosmetic procedures can treat skin laxity ? Here are the answers to those questions. If you want to schedule an arm lift, thigh lift or a tummy tuck surgery in Tunisia with a trusted and experienced surgeon, get in touch with Dr.Balti by filling in the [...]

The modern facial rejuvenation approach

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Wondering if the facelift can make your face young again ? Here is how the modern rhydectomy technique works. What do modern facelift techniques focus on ? Over time, we all lose some degree of fat, especially in the upper two third of our face : temple area, around the eyes, cheekbones). We also lose bone [...]

Lip augmentation : what can be done ?

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The request for lip augmentation is fairly common because sensual lips are seductive. Lips can be naturally thin, but they also tend to lose volume over time. Hyaluronic acid based products allow plastic surgeons to perform a wide variety of corrections and improvements of the lips : volume increase, upper lips projection, oral commissures correction (mouth [...]

Tummy tuck for a flat stomach : is it for you ?

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Multiple pregnancies and major weight fluctuations can damage the stomach area. When the skin stretches to accommodate weight gain, stretch marks can appear and abdominal muscles lose their tension (which provides central core strength). This results in an unsightly appearance as well as a protrusion of the stomach, and this is the main reason why patients [...]

What to know about the mini facelift

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The mini facelift is a facial rejuvenation surgery of the face and neck, it is designed for adult women and men. Less invasive than a facelift, it can be performed as soon as the first aging signs appear and facial contours start to lose definition. The mini facelift scars are minimal and patients can resume their [...]

Hip liposuction can make your love handles disappear

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Excess fat in a man's hips are commonly referred to as the 'love handles' Although the term may be flattering, love handles are usually seen as unsightly on a man’s body, and fashion's low-cut trend tends to expose this area a lot, which can be a problem. Love handles frequently develop in young, and even slim [...]

Bulging, flabby stomach ? Here’s why and how tummy tuck can treat it

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Tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery designed to correct unsightly imperfections in the stomach area such as : flabby skin, pannus (sometimes referred to as an apron), diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles), weight loss consequences, etc. Tummy tuck is preferred to a single isolated liposuction of the stomach when excess skin must be removed [...]

Otoplasty corrects different types of ear malformations

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Otoplasty is a surgery designed to correct prominent, or sticking-out ears. This procedure can relieve children from psychological issues as well as problems at school related to the appearance of the ears. By bringing the ears closer to the skull and reconstituting the contours of the pinna, the surgery can offer a normal appearance of the [...]