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How to tighten up skin under the navel

Par |2022-07-29T12:36:33+02:00juillet 29th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Under the effect of aging and different traumas, skin loosens and sags. This process especially affects the abdomen where skin laxity can be very problematic. Here are solutions to this problem. Why does skin loosens under my navel ? Skin laxity is a natural process. It is primarily the result of skin ageing. Over time, collagen [...]

Why exercising and squats are inefficient to build a bigger butt

Par |2022-07-28T15:44:22+02:00juillet 28th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Many women turn to cosmetic surgery to have a bigger and rounder butt because of the lack of results from exercising, squats and other methods. Here is why cosmetic surgery is the better option in the majority of the cases and above all, why exercising is inefficient to build a bigger butt. Why is it difficult [...]

Brazilian Butt Lift results : what comes into play?

Par |2022-07-28T15:30:43+02:00juillet 28th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

The popular BBL surgery allows patients to achieve natural and permanent buttock augmentations without implants. This procedure also reshapes the buttocks and surrounding body contours to make the whole figure more harmonious and beautiful. Here is what there is to know about what makes the BBL more likely to be successful. Candidacy Several factors contribute to [...]

Precautions you need to take after a face lift

Par |2022-07-15T12:59:21+02:00juillet 17th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Surgeons make sure their patients receive specific postoperative instructions after any type of cosmetic surgery. After a face lift, postoperative care is essential, especially to ensure proper wound healing. While recovery time can vary from one patient to another, postoperative care can decrease the time needed for the scars to heal. To take care of your [...]

What treatment options are there to correct nose imperfections ?

Par |2022-07-15T12:36:45+02:00juillet 16th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Depending on what your goals are, you can choose between three main treatment options. These treatments are very reliable and they can address a wide variety of imperfections and defects of the nose. Here is an overview of these options. Open rhinoplasty As you probably know, rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery targeting nose imperfections, defects, damage [...]

Buccal fat pads removal : how does it work ?

Par |2022-07-15T12:17:36+02:00juillet 15th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Certain patients are bothered by the overly round appearance of their face caused by buccal fat pads in the cheeks area, which also tends to hide the jawline. Fat pads are located between the superficial and deep muscles of the cheeks. In certain individuals, these pads or too big, which causes the lower third of the [...]

Using Botox and hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate the face

Par |2022-07-10T23:51:29+02:00juillet 11th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Unlike what people may think about Botox and filler injections, these are two non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments that deliver fantastic and natural results in the hands of an experienced practitioner using the right products. If you are wondering which treatment you should request to alleviate your facial wrinkles, keep on reading to find out how [...]

Fat removal, skin tightening and collagen production with BodyTite

Par |2022-07-10T23:39:14+02:00juillet 10th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

BodyTite is an innovative radio-frequency assisted liposuction technology designed for body contouring. BodyTite is a minimally invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to produce heat, which melts fat and tightens up skin. The BodyTite device allows real time temperature monitoring and controlling, which avoid any risk of burn. The heat produced by the device can be [...]

Mommy makeover: correcting tummy and breast imperfections after pregnancy

Par |2022-07-06T14:26:23+02:00juillet 6th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Having a child is one of the most fulfilling and precious experience of a woman’s lift. During pregnancy, the woman’s body changes as the baby grows. Here are the changes new moms can expect: Breast ptosis (breast sagging) Laxity in the tummy area Stretch marks Localized excess fat The goal of the mommy makeover is to [...]

A lifting technique for each area prone to skin laxity

Par |2022-07-01T16:06:54+02:00juillet 1st, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Many different factors have a negative impact on skin, the main ones being natural aging of course, pregnancy and weight fluctuations. These factors contribute to skin laxity, which can become an issue in different areas, especially in the face where skin is thinner and more fragile and later on in the breast’s skin envelope and the [...]

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