Does facial symmetry equals beauty ?

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We tend to think that the face is perfectly symmetrical (the eyes, ears, nose, nostrils, mouth, cheeks, chin...), but in reality, if you trace a line going from the center of the forehead to the center of the chin, you can see numerous subtle differences between the left and right sides of the face. Does [...]

Gynecomastia treatment : answers to your questions

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Whether it is in the locker room or at the beach, a lot of men are embarrassed by overly large breasts, which is a condition called gynecomastia. Cosmetic surgeons typically treat gynecomastia with a simple and efficient procedure called breast reduction, which is also commonly performed to remove breast tissue in female patients suffering from breast [...]

Is the face and neck lift an ideal treatment for you ?

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The term lift refers to skin resection techniques used to treat age related skin sagging by restoring normal skin and muscle tension. The face and neck lift treats the lower third of the face as well as the neck area (cheeks, jowls and neck). The goal is not to tighten skin as much as possible, but [...]

Nasal hump : what it is and how to remove it

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Nasal hump removal is one of the most common rhinoplasty goals. This can be done through cosmetic surgery, but also through a non invasive treatment involving hyaluronic acid injections in certain cases. Nasal hump : what it is and how to remove it Anatomy of the nose Nasal humps can be located in the [...]

How Botox alleviates expression wrinkles

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Treating expression wrinkles involves injections of small amounts of Botox in facial muscles, which will limit contractions and smooth out wrinkles naturally. Botox can treat forehead wrinkles, frown wrinkles, crow's feet and eyebrow tails to rejuvenate the face and soften the face. A lot of patients are afraid that this type of treatment will freeze their [...]

Lip enhancement : making the right choices to achieve beautiful results

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While cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift have been popular for a long time, other treatments such as lip augmentation are also a strong trend. This procedure was partly made popular by the kardashians, especially Kylier Jenner. If you are interested in improving the shape and / or volume of your lips, [...]

The difference between liposuction and BBL liposuction

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Patients who wish to improve, define and sculpt their buttocks can choose among several buttock enhancement procedures. Depending on morphology and expectations, patients can request (from a qualified surgeon) one of these treatments : Hyaluronic acid injections Fat grafting buttock augmentation Buttock augmentation with implants. This article discusses fat transfer buttock augmentation, which offers the benefit [...]

Alleviating back, neck and shoulder pain with breast reduction surgery

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In the field of cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures, but a lot of women have troubles dealing with overly large breasts. Mammary hypertrophy often causes breast ptosis (breast sagging) and more importantly, back pain on a daily basis. Breast reduction aims at relieving patients from back, shoulder and neck pain [...]

Liposuction : the ideal treatment to remove saddlebags

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Liposuction : the ideal treatment to remove saddlebags 'Saddlebags' is the term designating a fat mass located, in women, on the outer side of the thighs. This is a common fat storage area that does not respond well to diet and exercise. In certain cases, fat excess in this region is significant, which can [...]

Aiming for subtle and natural results with fat grafting breast augmentation

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For a long time, the only technique used in the field of breast surgery was breast augmentation with implants. After fat grafting was introduced in this field, fat grafting breast augmentation became a common breast augmentation technique. This approach offers the benefit of replacing foreign objects by the patient's own natural fat tissue, which is considered [...]

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