Slowing the aging process and prevention are key concerns in aesthetics, just like medicine. Prevention basics are still crucial: avoiding sun exposure, smoking and alcohol, eating healthy, exercising regularly and drinking plenty of water. Today, these basics are complemented by efficient treatments as soon as the first aging signs show. Surgical treatment also allows patients to correct imperfections they are bothered with and benefit from improved confidence, well-being and a good self-image in exchange for a short and easy recovery.

Going ahead with surgery

Patients often wonder when people start to resort to cosmetic surgery. In the field of aesthetic medicine, the answer is simple and adapted to each patient, since everyone has a different perception of their appearance. Each concern can be addressed depending on the patient’s age and expectations.

For young patients (20 to 40), prevention is at the centre of the treatment whereas older patients request significant and visible improvements. Age is not an obstacle. Even if cosmetic surgery is more accessible today, it is still a surgical operation.

Patients are always encouraged to inform themselves and take the time to make their decision before going ahead with surgery. A surgical operation is not a choice that should be made overnight, it should always result from a thorough reflection.

Consulting an experienced cosmetic surgeon can also be very helpful in making this decision. A qualified specialist can make you understand what the goal of each procedure is and give you informed advice.

There are 3 things you should think about when making the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery :

  • First, you have to think this decision through and make sure the procedure can achieve the expected result.
  • Find the right surgeon, one you’re comfortable with and who understands you.
  • Choose the right time: schedule your procedure at the right date to recover in the best conditions.