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Le menton, lorsqu’il est trop large, trop petit ou lorsqu’il présente une mauvaise projection, peut perturber l’harmonie du visage. La chirurgie esthétique du menton permet de corriger le menton fuyant ou saillant.

If your chin is too small or too large, you might have searched information about genioplasty. Small chins and jaws have tendency to make the nose prominent, and certain patients who want to downsize their nose with a rhinoplasty don’t realize that their chin is the one responsible for the overly large appearance of the nose. However, if the size or shape of the nose is abnormal, rhinoplasty can be combined to chin surgery to bring balance to the face.

Chin surgery is performed under general anesthesia, it is about one hour long and required a hospitalization of 24 hours.

Overprojected chin

When the chin is overprojected, the procedure is about reducing its size. To that end, an incision is made inside the mouth or under the chin to access the tip of the chin. The excess portion of the bone is then removed in order to diminish chin projection and restore balance to the face.

Underprojected chin (weak chin)

If your chin seems too small or if it is weak, there are several ways to correct the chin and jaw’s appearance. When their height and width is normal, a chin implant can be adapted to improve chin projection. Typically, implants are best suited for minor to moderate corrections whereas reworking the chin bone is necessary for more extended corrections.


Chin surgery in Tunisia is performed with silicone implants. The implant is inserted through an incision in the mouth or under the chin and secured against the bone. The incision is closed with resolvable sutures when the incision is made inside the mouth.

Chin surgery in Tunisia : reworking the chin bone

Part of the chin bone is severed and brought forward or back, which is why the procedure is often called sliding genioplasty. The reworked section of the bone is fixed in place with metal screws and plates. Once healed, it is reintegrated by the chin bone. The sliding genioplasty uses the versatile osteotomy technique (controlled bone fracture) to slide the corrected part of the chin bone and change its height, width and position, which allows chin augmentation and reduction.


Bruising and swelling will form during the first days following surgery. Patients can resume their daily routine after a resting period of 2 weeks. The definitive result can be seen around 6 months after surgery. During this time, swelling progressively goes down and so does the shape of the chin. If the incision was made in the mouth, mouth washes and antibiotics are required to maintain proper oral hygiene.