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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Harvest fatwhere you don’t want it and transfer it to your buttocks to gain volume and roundness.

Brazilian butt lift, commonly called ‘Fat transfer buttocks augmentation’, is a buttocks augmentation technique used to improve the appearance of the bottoms. The procedure transfers the patient’s fat to bring volume to the buttocks. Nowadays, the appearance of the buttocks matters a lot more than before to women, this is why the Brazilian Butt Lift in Tunisia is commonly performed to correct the shape, the size or the projection of the buttocks.

What can the procedure do ?

Candidates to a fat transfer buttocks augmentation are women or men with imperfections in the area such as :

  • Flat buttocks (lack of projection and / or roundness)

  • Sagging buttocks

  • Asymmetrical buttocks

  • Excessively small buttocks

  • Unsightly appearance of the buttocks following a significant weight loss

The procedure of brazilian butt lift (bbl)

Fat transfer buttocks augmentation is performed in stages. Fat is first harvested with liposuction, then the fat is purified and finally injected in the buttocks. Liposuction is performed with very thin cannulas in chosen fat deposits. In order to accentuate the bottoms, fat is often harvested from the hips, the thighs or the stomach. Liposuction cannulas used during a fat transfer are very thin in order to only collect the smallest fat cells, the larger ones offer inferior results.

After liposuction, the collected fat is purified by centrifugation. Only part of this fat is reinjected. To harvest quality fat grafts, liposuction must be performed in differents areas of the body with micro-cannulas. The harvested fat is injected in small quantities in different areas of the buttocks and at different depths in order to optimize fat grafts’ survival. Multiple micro-injections serve a uniform and natural result. On average, about 600cc of fat are transferred.

The success of the operation largely depends on the method used. Although most patients request a volume increase, the goal of the procedure is not to increase it as much as possible, it is about finding harmony between the buttocks, the waist and the legs.

Brazilian Butt Lift results

Brazilian butt lift in Tunisia results are durable and perfectly natural. Since fat survival is significantly higher in the buttocks compared to other areas of the body, a single procedure is usually enough to achieve the expected result. BBL surgery offers harmonious curves for a more graceful and feminine figure. Combining a BBL with liposculpture can slim down the legs, thighs and hips to highlight the buttocks area and improve the whole figure’s proportions.

Is BBL surgery possible with local anesthesia ?

Technically, yes, but only one area can be liposuctioned during the procedure, which usually does not provide significant volume increases. Liposuction can target the love handles or the stomach region for instance.

Is it possible to undergo multiple BBL procedures ?

Yes, if fat reserves allow it. When a patient requests a maximum volume increase, the surgeon has to know it in advance to limit the number of liposuction areas for each procedure. For instance, fat can be harvested in the love handles during the first procedure, in the stomach area for the second procedure and in the inner thighs for the third one.

Can I undergo BBL surgery if I am very skinny ?

During the preoperative consultations, the surgeon assesses the amount of fat that can be transferred in the buttocks. If this volume is insufficient, patients may have to gain a little weight or consider buttock implants. In case of weight gain, excess fat is liposuctioned and transferred. However, if the patient cannot gain weight, implants are the only way to achieve a satisfying result.

Is BBL surgery painful ?

Liposuction areas during the first stage of the brazilian butt lift surgery are the only ones requiring painkillers. Painkillers can easily alleviate any pain or discomfort as soon as they occur, therefore the procedure does cause significant postoperative pain.

How long is the recovery from a BBL ?

It differs from one patient to another. Patients feel fatigue for 2 to 5 days and can quickly resume their usual activities after that. Sitting directly on the buttocks has to be avoided during the first weeks following surgery, patients can use a cushion to sit on their thighs in order to avoid pressure on the buttocks. A week of rest is usually enough for patients to go back to work.

Can I exercise after a brazilian butt lift in Tunisia ?

Patients have to resume exercise progressively, but cardio is advised against during the initial recovery. Stretching, lifting (arms and legs), walking and slow jogging are possible after 2 to 3 weeks.

Is general anesthesia necessary for BBL surgery ?

There are two reasons why general anesthesia is preferable for a BBL. The first reason is the procedure’s duration and the extent of the treatment areas. To harvest enough fat and achieve a satisfying result, liposuction often has to target multiple areas. In that case, the time necessary to perform liposuction is too long for the patient to stay still in the operating room. More importantly, the size of the treatment areas are too large to use local anesthesia, because it would require a toxic amount of anesthetic.

The second reason has to do with fat cells. Fat cells are very fragile and lidocaine (used in local anesthetic) is toxic for them, it decreases their survivability once transferred in the buttock area. Local anesthesia for a fat grafting procedure in general decreases fat survival rate, which decreases the treatment’s efficiency and therefore the likelihood of a satisfying result.

How long is BBL surgery ?

Fat grafting buttock augmentation combines two procedures : liposuction to harvest the necessary amount of fat and fat injection after it has been purified. BBL surgery is longer than a single liposuction. The procedure’s duration also depends on the amount of fat harvested, which is why it ranges from 3 to 6 hours.

What is the ideal BBL patient ?

Ideally, BBL surgery candidates, and more generally any cosmetic surgery candidate, has to be in good health and have enough excess fat located in areas that can be liposuctioned to achieve a good result. Very skinny patients may not have enough fat reserves to qualify for a fat transfer.

How much fat can be transferred in each buttock ?

There is no minimum or maximum amount of fat transferrable in each buttock. The volume injected depends on the amount of fat harvested by liposuction. Patients with significant fat reserves can achieve greater volume increases ranging from 150cc to 1000cc in each buttock. The amount of fat injected does not translate to a better or worse result, it is the fat purification technique that ensures a high cell survival rate.

How much of the transferred fat dies after a BBL ?

The fat survival percentage varies from one patient to another and depends on the technique used. On average, most patients can expect a survival rate of 70% of the total amount of fat transferred. After a period of 6 months, the remaining fat that has settled in the buttock area can be considered as permanent.