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Intimate cosmetic surgery

Labiaplasty can correct the labia minora to avoid its protrusion out of the vulva.

Intimate cosmetic surgery includes tightening of the vagina, liposuction of the mons pubis and labiaplasty, which are requested by more and more women, the latter being the most requested of all. Labiaplasty removes excess tissue in the labia minora when that causes the protrusion of the inner vaginal lips. This can cause difficulties when exercising (horse riding, cycling, etc.) or discomfort in tights clothes such as swimsuits or leggings. The outcome of the procedure allows women to feel good about themselves and avoid friction with underwear and other types of clothes. The operation is 30 to 60 minutes long and performed under general anesthesia. A 24 hours hospitalization is usually required.

After surgery

Following a labia minora reduction, patients have to avoid all frictions in the vulva, which could exert pressure on the incision sites. A postoperative period of 3 weeks without sport or intercourse is therefore necessary. Baggy clothes are also recommended as well as a protection inside the underwear, preferably in cotton. Swelling and bruising are frequent after labiaplasty, they start to fade a week or two after the operation.

Labiaplasty / vaginoplasty

Labiaplasty is a relatively simple procedure designed to reduce the size or the small vaginal lips (labia minora) in order to correct asymmetry and protrusion problems.

Vaginoplasty is about tightening the vaginal canal that sometimes loosens when the perineum is distended (frequent in obese women, after child birth or after menopause). This procedure is performed under general anesthesia and requires a full preoperative gynecologic examination.

Does the procedure leave traces ?

The result of labiaplasty is natural, the scars are barely noticeable, therefore your possible future companion won’t notice any sign of surgery. If you’re in a relationship, a difference of symmetry and definition of the inner vaginal lips might be noticed. If you had friction problems with clothes or during intercourse, this problem should resolve after surgery.