Breast augmentation surgery is a constantly evolving procedure in terms of materials and surgical techniques. Here are the benefits of breast augmentation to improve the appearance of the breasts or correct breast volume lost following pregnancy.

Why patients request breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is the most requested procedure in the field of cosmetic surgery. Many women wish to improve the shape of their breasts or increase breast volume for different reasons:

  • Their breasts are naturally small sized
  • Their breasts have lost volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding

Breast augmentation can be a solution to satisfy this request, improve the appearance of the breasts and correct imperfections.

Choosing the shape of the breasts with one type of implant

Depending on the choice of breast projection, a natural appearance can be achieved, but the breast can also become rounder with a more accentuated cleavage. A moderate projection tends to offer a natural appearance similar to the results of breast augmentations with anatomical implants whereas more projection tends to result in a rounder shape, which is similar to round implants.

Implant rotation is not an issue with silicone ge

Another benefit of modern implants is that when the implant slightly rotates inside the breast, which can happen, silicone gel always adapts in order to maintain the same breast shape. While implant rotation was a problem before, is not anymore with modern implants.

Implant texture

Today, anatomical implants have a nanotextured surface whereas in the past, these implants had a macro-texture. This fine texture significantly decreases the risk of capsular contracture, which is the hardening of tissues formed by the body around the implant.

Recent studies show that the tissue shell formed by the body around the implants is significantly thinner with nano-textures, which makes modern implants more biocompatible since they are well-tolerated by the body.