Improving breast volume and shape is one of the most common requests in cosmetic surgery. While breast augmentation with implants is the most common technique, increasing breast volume and improving their shape can also be achieved through fat grafting and a combination of implants and fat grafting.

Breast implants are used for significant volume increases and to accentuate the cleavage area. Depending on the patient’s morphology, the volume and shape of her breasts, breast implants may be placed behind or in front of the pectoral muscle.

Fat grafting breast augmentation is achieved through fat injections in the breasts. Fat is injected around the mammary gland, but the amount of fat that can be transferred there is limited, because injecting too much fat increases pressure in breast tissue, which lowers the survival rate of the transferred fat cells themselves.

Combining breast implants and fat grafting

Combining those two breast augmentation techniques is possible, it is often called hybrid breast augmentation. This procedure includes breast augmentation with implants placed in surgical ‘pockets’ (in front of the muscles) and fat grafting in the upper pole of the breasts. With this technique, the implant offers a significant volume increase and fills in the cleavage areas nicely. Fat grafting aims at making the final result as natural as possible, by increasing the thickness of the breast tissue that covers the implants in the upper pole. Fat is used to hide the upper pole of the implant, which avoid the risk of the upper edge being visible. This hybrid technique can be suggested to patients requesting small to medium sized breast implants, it is usually not suited to large implants. Hybrid breast augmentation combines the benefits of breast augmentation with implants and fat grafting breast augmentation surgery, it is a significant improvement to breast augmentation procedures.

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