Circles around the eyes give the face a tired appearance. Removing these circles is a very common request from patients, it can be achieved through various non-invasive treatments depending on the type of circles and their severity. Injectables, fat grafting, chemical peels or laser, many different options are available to remove dark circles and c.

Blue circles

Blue circles under the eyes result from dilated veins and thinning skin. Several treatments can be considered here. To treat visible blue veins, specialists use a selective vascular laser. After 1 to 2 sessions, these vessels usually disappear. In order to improve skin quality and restore its youthful appearance, a fractional CO2 laser can be used. Finally, PRP injections, which promote cell renewal and blood microcirculation, are also an efficient treatment option.

Dark circles

Dark circles around the eyes can be caused by hereditary dark pigmentation, chronic inflammation (in case of allergies for instance) or thinning and dry skin that occurs with age. To alleviate dark circles, medical grade peels with fruit acids can be used against hyperpigmentation in the first skin layers. Just like blue circles, the CO2 laser and PRP injections can also improve skin quality and promote cell renewal when it has slowed down.

Hollow circles

Facial hollows and hollows around the eyes result from fat melting in the tear through. In order to compensate this loss and rejuvenate eye contours, hyaluronic acid (HA) based fillers can be injected in the area, which is the most common treatment for dark circles. HA injections can fill in hollows immediately and offer durables results (up to 2 years, sometimes longer). An adapted filler has to be used in this region since it is prone to swelling because of a slower lymphatic circulation. In case of severely hollowed circles, it is preferable to schedule multiple filler injection sessions in order for the product to be naturally distributed in the treatment area.