Laser hair removal can target different areas of the body or face. Many patients wonder if this treatment is efficient and safe, so here are some answers.

Is laser hair removal safe ?

Laser hair removal has been approved by health authorities and used in the USA for many years even in Tunisia with Dr Walid Balti. The only real risks come from sun exposure after the treatment, because melanin is sensitive during this time. Burns are possible, but the risk is very low since it mainly happens on skin that is too tanned or hair that is not dark enough. A prior consultation can easily determine if the skin or hair is not eligible to laser hair removal.

What’s the difference between laser and pulsed light hair removal ?

Laser and pulsed light are two different technologies, they work in a similar way, but their results differ. Pulsed light delivers pulses of wide spectrum light on hair and surrounding skin whereas laser delivers a localized pulsed light (monochromatic coherent light). In both cases, the pulses are led to the hair follicle, which is the hair root, thanks to melanin.

Because of its large spectrum, pulsed light has a lesser impact on the hair itself, which is why several sessions are needed. Also, certain hair can be less receptive to pulsed light, therefore maintenance treatment sessions are necessary. Laser, on the other hand, focuses on hair follicle only with a greater impact. It does not affect surrounding skin and all skin tones can benefit from the treatment.

Are those treatments painful ?

Due to the fact that laser hair removal is permanent, the treatment is longer, because it follows the cycle of hair growth, each cycle being 2 months long. Treatment sessions have to be scheduled in order to follow these cycles. Technologies evolve quickly in this field and manufacturers are looking to improve lasers for quicker and more efficient sessions.

Patients feel discomfort rather than pain, which can be described as an elastic snapping on the skin.