Saddle bags refers to fat deposits located in the outer side of the thighs. When excess fat accumulates in this area, it tends to persist and shows little to no response to exercise and diet. Saddle bags can accumulate a significant amount of fat, more than other areas of the body. They can grow to the point where clothes of different sizes are needed for the upper and lower body. In that case and less severe cases as well, liposuction is the most efficient treatment there is.

There are two types of saddle bags : real saddle bags housing excess fat and fake saddle bags caused by gluteal muscles laxity (those disappear when the muscle contracts).

Liposuction to remove saddle bags

Liposuction can efficiently and permanently remove excess fat in this region, since diet and exercise rarely offer noticeable results. However, liposuction is not a weight loss treatment, its goal is not to make the patient lose weight. It does not treat obesity. This procedure is intended to sculpt the body harmoniously and precisely.

Liposuction offers excellent results. Skin in the outer thighs is thick and elastic, which allows liposuction to achieve harmonious results with a low risk of waves or irregularities. In case of saddle bags resulting from gluteal muscle laxity associated with excess fat, liposuction combined with specific muscle exercises offer excellent results.

In case of gluteal muscle laxity with no excess fat, only muscle exercises can improve the appearance of saddle bags.

Saddle bags liposuction results cannot be seen immediately after the procedure. Skin in the treatment area needs some time to retract after fat removal and tissues also need time to reorganize in their new space.

Patients have to wait 3 months on average to be able to see the results. After a year, the orange peel appearance of the skin is also alleviated.