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Postoperative pain in cosmetic surgery

Par |2022-09-15T01:31:30+02:00septembre 16th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Postoperative pain is part of the recovery for cosmetic surgery patients, which is why they have to know what to expect after undergoing any type of procedure.  Pain levels differ for one patient to another after the same exact procedure and this could be explained by the number of pain receptors and their sensitivity. Other factors [...]

Misconceptions and myths about liposuction

Par |2022-09-15T01:35:43+02:00septembre 15th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Liposuction is one of the main procedures in the field of cosmetic surgery. Even though this treatment is very efficient and offers remarquable results, its goals and possibilities are still poorly understood. Here are the most common myth and misconceptions you should know about liposuction. Liposuction is not intended to make you lose weight 1L of [...]

Breast ptosis : what it is and how to identify it

Par |2022-09-02T17:11:02+02:00septembre 2nd, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Sagging breasts can be seen as less feminine and more generally as an unsightly and unwanted change of the body. Breast ptosis (breast sagging) can cause discomfort, loss of confidence and self-esteem. Breast ptosis tends to worsen over time, which is why many women undergo breast lift surgery, a procedure designed to lift up the breasts [...]

How low is the recovery after breast augmentation ?

Par |2022-09-01T13:15:31+02:00septembre 1st, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

There are three breast augmentation techniques. The first one is breast augmentation with implants, which uses implants usually filled with silicone gel to achieve a firm and soft texture. This technique is the most common breast augmentation procedure. Fat grafting breast augmentation is another technique which uses the patient’s own fat tissue to increase breast volume. [...]

Vaser liposuction: the new gold standard

Par |2022-08-29T15:05:22+02:00août 30th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Vaser liposuction uses ultrasonic energy to facilitate fat removal via liposuction. Vaser is the third generation of ultrasonic assisted liposuction and it is the most efficient with superior results, less swelling and less bleeding. Even if cosmetic surgeons are not all using Vaser liposuction for fat removal purposes, it is now considered as the gold standard [...]

Power-assisted liposuction treats your excess fat issues better and tightens your skin

Par |2022-08-29T15:06:24+02:00août 29th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

While people may think that non-invasive fat reduction treatments have taken over surgical fat removal a.k.a liposuction, it is definitely not the case. Liposuction is one of the most requested and performed cosmetic surgeries in the world for a good reason: no other procedure can sculpt body contours as well as liposuction. Today, many different technologies [...]

Hydration is the key to a beautiful skin

Par |2022-08-22T12:44:07+02:00août 23rd, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

At any age, hydration is a crucial factor for the beauty of your skin. Skin dehydration causes many imperfections such as fine lines, wrinkles, tightness and dry patches. Here is how to make sure your skin is hydrated. Skin hydration Water in your body brings oxygen to cells and removes toxins from these cells. This process [...]

Can you make your scar disappear ?

Par |2022-08-22T12:34:32+02:00août 22nd, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

You’ve tried every remedy to make your scar go away but it just won’t? Scars are the result of trauma to the skin and once they have settled, it is hard to make them go away. Why is my scar not fading? The healing process is already very long in itself (6 months to a year, [...]

How to tighten up skin under the navel

Par |2022-07-29T12:36:33+02:00juillet 29th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Under the effect of aging and different traumas, skin loosens and sags. This process especially affects the abdomen where skin laxity can be very problematic. Here are solutions to this problem. Why does skin loosens under my navel ? Skin laxity is a natural process. It is primarily the result of skin ageing. Over time, collagen [...]

Why exercising and squats are inefficient to build a bigger butt

Par |2022-07-28T15:44:22+02:00juillet 28th, 2022|Catégories : Non classé|

Many women turn to cosmetic surgery to have a bigger and rounder butt because of the lack of results from exercising, squats and other methods. Here is why cosmetic surgery is the better option in the majority of the cases and above all, why exercising is inefficient to build a bigger butt. Why is it difficult [...]

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