Under the effect of aging and different traumas, skin loosens and sags. This process especially affects the abdomen where skin laxity can be very problematic. Here are solutions to this problem.

Why does skin loosens under my navel ?

Skin laxity is a natural process. It is primarily the result of skin ageing. Over time, collagen levels decrease in the skin. As muscles lose support, skin sags, dehydrates and becomes hollowed. When this happens, wrinkles become more visible. Since skin in the abdominal region is very elastic, excess skin there is highly visible and can cause confidence as well as self-image issues.

Other factors affect skin located under the navel. Several traumas such as pregnancy or significant weight fluctuations accentuate skin laxity. Excess fat can add to excess skin, causing physical and psychological discomfort.

What are the solutions to skin laxity under the navel ?

Several solutions can tighten up skin under the navel, these can differ depending on the targeted area.

Tummy tuck surgery to correct skin laxity under the navel

Tummy tuck surgery, or abdominoplasty, is a very efficient surgical procedure to correct skin laxity above and under the navel. This procedure includes abdominal liposuction and skin removal between the navel and the pubis. The navel is repositioned at the and of the procedure.

Tummy tuck surgery tightens skin in the whole abdominal region, it is intended for patients presenting with significant excess skin or an abdominal apron hanging over the pubis.

Mini tummy tuck surgery to tighten skin under the navel

A mini tummy tuck is less invasive than a standard tummy tuck, it also does not include navel repositioning, therefore it does not result in a scar around the navel.

This procedure is efficient when it comes to removing lesser amounts of excess skin. Ideal patients present with slight to moderate skin laxity above the pubis and slight or no skin laxity under the navel.