Many women turn to cosmetic surgery to have a bigger and rounder butt because of the lack of results from exercising, squats and other methods. Here is why cosmetic surgery is the better option in the majority of the cases and above all, why exercising is inefficient to build a bigger butt.

Why is it difficult to build a bigger butt ?

The shape of the buttocks is determined by two things: the muscle mass (three gluteal muscles are superposed) and the fat layer, which tends to plump the skin. Also, the buttocks tend to look better when the lower back is thin and hollow. Here is why it is hard to have naturally large buttocks:

  • The shape of the gluteal muscles is mainly determined by genetics, which is why the goal of transforming flat buttocks into a bigger and rounder butt is not realistic.
  • The fat layer cannot be controlled and excess fat has a negative impact: it makes the whole figure heavier and increases the risk of skin laxity under the effect of gravity.

The reality is that significant improvements can only be achieved with two methods: non-surgical buttock augmentation, which uses hyaluronic acid injections to increase volume in this region (the amount of product required for this type of buttock augmentation is significant and volume increases are limited as well as temporary), and surgical buttock augmentation, which can be done with fat grafting or buttock implants (the result is permanent in this case).

Which cosmetic surgery option is the best ?

In order to determine which buttock enhancement procedure is the most suited to achieve your desired result, Dr.Balti will take the time to understand what your expectations are with the help of an innovative 3D simulation technology and pictures of you. Assessing your body type, skin quality and body contour will also lead him to the optimal operative plan. Buttock enhancement has to be tailored to each patient’s goals.