The popular BBL surgery allows patients to achieve natural and permanent buttock augmentations without implants. This procedure also reshapes the buttocks and surrounding body contours to make the whole figure more harmonious and beautiful.

Here is what there is to know about what makes the BBL more likely to be successful.


Several factors contribute to a successful BBL procedure with a beautiful result. First, patients have to healthy with a body mass index close to normal, which is a close to normal weight compared to their height. Skinny patients need enough fat stored in their body for the procedure to achieve a satisfying result, which is not always the case. Patients’ expectations have to be realistic. Finally, patients have to be ok with the fact that fat resorption can sometimes be higher than usual, which could require a second procedure to achieve the expected result.

Certain factors can lower the chances of a successful BBL as well, or even make the patient non eligible to surgery. First, very skinny patients, or on the contrary overweight, are usually bad candidates to BBL surgery. Overweight patient will not notice a significant improvement after a BBL because fat spreads out in the buttocks without creating projection despite the large amount of fat available. Smoking slows down fat engraftment in the buttocks, which can lead to lower fat survival rates and unsatisfying results.

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What limits the possibilities of BBL surgery

The amount of fat available is always taken into account when determining eligibility to BBL surgery. Fat harvesting is more difficult in skinny patients, but often times, the results are better for these patients because the improvements are more noticeable and always look perfectly natural. Fat survival also comes into play after surgery, which depends on the surgeon’s technique as well as the patient’s habits (smoking can decrease fat survival rate for instance).