Vaser liposuction uses ultrasonic energy to facilitate fat removal via liposuction. Vaser is the third generation of ultrasonic assisted liposuction and it is the most efficient with superior results, less swelling and less bleeding. Even if cosmetic surgeons are not all using Vaser liposuction for fat removal purposes, it is now considered as the gold standard when it comes to body contouring.

How does Vaser liposuction work ?

Vaser lipo works by delivering energy in the form of ultrasound in fat tissue. This interaction emulsifies fat, which makes it significantly easier to remove. After that, liquid fat is removed through a cannula. Vaser liposuction can remove more fat than standard liposuction, because standard liposuction can only target deep layers of fat whereas Vaser lipo can target subcutaneous fat closer to the skin (superficial layers of fat). The amount of fat removed can be doubled this way, but it also promotes skin retraction after the procedure, which improves muscle definition in the abdominal region and oblique lines. Skin retraction is one of the most important benefits of the procedure, but its main goal remains fat removal.

Benefits of Vaser liposuction

In terms of results, body contours and muscle definition can be improved in the abdominal region, the flanks and waist for instance. Ultrasonic energy causes significant skin retraction, which avoids skin laxity issues after fat removal and allows treatment in regions with slight to moderate skin laxity. Fat removal is greater with Vaser liposuction (up to twice more fat removed).

On the recovery side of things, Vaser liposuction is less traumatic for tissues, which translates to less swelling, less bleeding during the procedure (patients feel less fatigue during the initial recovery) and quicker results.

Note that Vaser liposuction is commonly called high-definition liposuction and 4K liposuction.