There are several surgical and non-invasive options to tone up the thigh area, the most popular are the thigh lift and radiofrequency. Thigh lift surgery can tighten up the inner side of the thighs, especially when excess skin has accumulated in this region. Radiofrequency treatments are recommended for slight to moderate skin laxity.

My thighs are flabby, is there a way to tone them up ?

I have severe skin laxity in my thighs, how big is the scar going to be if I choose surgery ?

Over time, the delicate and thin skin in the inner side of the thighs tends to lose tension and needs to be tightened. Thigh lift surgery tightens up skin through an incision located in the groin. This incision results in a discreet scar along the natural fold of this area. Fat deposits can be removed if needed with liposuction before skin removal.

What do I need to do to prepare for surgery ?

Patients have to stop smoking one month before and after surgery to avoid additional risks. They also have to stop taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication and supplements such as vitamin E two weeks before surgery.

Is hospitalization necessary for this procedure ?

Yes, thigh lift patients have to stay under medical observation for 2 to 3 days.

Is the recovery painful ?

Patients feel more discomfort than pain during the initial recovery. The inner side of the thighs can lose sensitivity during this time, but this resolves in a couple of weeks. A compressive garment has to be worn during the first 15 days, then eight hours per day for the following two weeks.

How much time off work do I need ?

The initial recovery requires approximately 10 days of rest, but depending on your job, you may need to take more time off.