Choosing breast implant size is choosing your breast size. This choice is often made during the second consultation. Depending on the patient’s wish for her new cup size, several implants can be presented to her and tried on to get a better idea of what the definitive result will look like. It is important to understand that each patient has a different body type, therefore a same implant will not provide an identical result for two different patients.


Breast implant projection and profile

To choose the right implant size, surgeons take different measures into account, especially the size of the breast base. Several implant sizes can be chosen depending on this measure, but in order to achieve a natural result, the implant’s size cannot exceed the size of the breast base.

To achieve different appearances with the same volume, two parameters can be tweaked : the projection and profile of the implant. A little projection will provide a natural appearance to the breasts whereas more projection provides a more significant cleavage. The profile of the implant can be low, medium, high or very high. To see the different results that can be achieved with breast implants, visit Dr.Balti’s Instagram plastic surgeon Tunisia.

Breast implant volume and cup size

To a given breast base and projection corresponds a certain volume in cc, or milliliters. A 250cc implant in a patient with a small breast base corresponds to a C cup whereas this same volume in a patient with a medium or large breast base will not be enough to achieve a C cup. The cup size is not the same as the width of the thorax, which is not going to change after surgery. Only the cup size can be increased. Typically, surgeons select 2 to 3 implant sizes depending on the patient’s goal to see which one provides the best result.