Men are more and more interested in liposuction to remove unwanted fat pockets and slim down their body. Body care is now part of men’s concerns, which is why the demand for cosmetic treatments and products has increased.

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Liposuction for men : benefits and uses

Fat distribution and male liposuction benefits

Excess weight is not distributed the same way in women and men. While women tend to gain weight evenly through their whole body with a little emphasis on the thighs, men usually carry excess weight between the waist, abdomen and torso.Men’s fat distribution is mostly concentrated in the upper body, starting from the pubic area : abdomen, chest and love handles, which is why most of the liposuction procedure requested by male patients target the stomach area. Tummy liposuction offers excellent results to men for multiple reasons : stretch marks are less of a problem compared to women and skin retraction after fat removal is easier over the new contours.

Therefore, liposuction of the stomach area is appreciated and highly requested among male patients.

Liposuction applications and limits

It is worth mentioning that liposuction is only recommended in case of subcutaneous fat (fat located under the skin). When excess fat is located behind the muscle layer (behind the abdominal muscles), liposuction cannot target it. The best way to lose this type of fat is to exercise and improve eating habits.

Consulting with a nutritionist offers better results. The stomach area is not the only that can benefit from liposuction. Gynecomastia is also a common reason motivating patients to request surgery, although liposuction as a standalone procedure can only be efficient in case of adipomastia.Liposuction for men is a more a more common cosmetic surgery nowadays. The procedure contributes to psychological and physiological balance with a high degree of satisfaction for the vast majority of the patients.