There is no specific age to benefit from skin care and treatments, it depends on the indication. For instance, fruit acid peels can help 16 years old patients, with their parents approval, with hyperseborrhoea and acne, which is often problematic at that age. Vascular laser sessions are also frequently used to treat angioma. While hyaluronic based fillers are usually beneficial to older patients, Botox injections can be started as soon as the age of 20 to prevent fine lines from forming.

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preventive skin care against wrinkles

Preventive skin care is a safe bet against wrinkles

Do I need to start using anti-wrinkle products if I don’t have wrinkles ?

Yes. If you want aging signs to stay away as long as possible, preventive actions have to start as soon as the age of 20, because skin cells progressively lose their ability to renew elastic fibers. Skin loses elasticity and if you don’t moisturize it enough, there is a risk of dehydration and wrinkling. Maintaining a beautiful skin requires a healthy lifestyle, sufficient hydration and a moisturizing day cream. Sun exposure and excessive alcohol consumption also have to be avoided. Not hydrating the skin during a week increases the depth of fine lines by 30%. When it comes to anti-wrinkle creams, you can wait for aging signs to start using them (blemishes, fine lines) before introducing fruit acids and retinol which can irritate the skin when used too soon.

If your face is not showing any signs of aging, Botox injections can offer a preventive action against wrinkles, but there are not necessary. Regular sessions of microneedling, radio frequency treatments, mesotherapy and skinbooster can slow down aging signs. Preventive efforts against skin aging are beneficial as long as you choose the right treatment. Consulting an expert will help you define your skin’s needs as well as an optimal skin care routine. If you use inadequate products or treatments, you risk harming your skin and / or end up with an unnatural result.