Injectables frozen face pain

Injectables : about the frozen face and pain

Will my face be frozen if I get Botox injections ?

Botox might have some bad press, but it is the most efficient and simple treatment there is. Botox is also the cheapest course of action against wrinkles considering anti-aging products do not offer comparable results. Botox injections are the gold standard treatment when it comes to alleviating wrinkles. The botulinum toxin does in fact limit muscle contraction. This prevents expression wrinkles from forming and alleviates them when they have already formed.

The face can seem frozen during 2 to 3 weeks, but this effect resolves relatively quickly. In order for the results to stay natural, Botox injections have to be spaced in time and the amount of product carefully dosed in order for the targeted muscle to regain a little bit of contractility between each series of injections for a more natural result. If Botox injections are repeated less than 3 months after the first procedure, there is also risk of immunization, which could render any future injection inefficient.

Are injections painful ?

Pain is a very subjective sensation, but it is a major concern for most patients, which is why pain is minimized as much as possible, in the fields of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. While recent hyaluronic based products include anesthetics to limit discomfort and pain resulting from the injections, an anesthetic cream can be applied in the treatment area before Botox injections.

Furthermore, surgeons and aesthetic medicine specialist excel at relaxing their patients and performing soft injections, which minimizes pain even more. That being said and even if multiple injections are made during the same session, pain is usually well tolerated by most patients. For the most anxious patients, medication can be prescribed and taken an hour before the injections in order for the procedure to go smoothly.