The saddlebags and love handles are two key areas of the body because they mark the transition between the upper body and lower body. Harmony in this transition lies in the absence of unsightly contours in order to get close to the perfect figure.

liposuction saddlebags

Is liposuction efficient to remove saddlebags ?


For women, this area forms an outward curve right after the inward curve of the hips. It is the key element to the hourglass figure. The saddlebags have to be slightly convex because the shape of the woman’s pelvis forces it to be this way and because this shape is what gives the woman’s pelvis a soft and attractive appearance. The buttock muscles make the buttocks round, but it must not be accentuated in order to preserve their feminine appearance.


For men, what is considered attractive is an athletic appearance where buttock muscles are projecting more steeply. There is a hollow on top of the saddle bags, which is natural, and the man’s pelvis gives a flat shape to the area located under this hollow.

Saddlebags liposuction, mainly for women, was one of the first liposuction treatment areas in the 70’s. Fat often accumulates in this area, which is dictated by genetic factors and predominant in female individuals. Certain men do have saddlebags, but it is very rare.

Treatment is fairly simple. A short incision in the upper part of the outer thigh allows removal of excess fat. On average, 300 to 400 millimeters of fat is permanently removed during a saddlebags liposuction. Fat cells removed during liposuction do not come back, because the body cannot create new fat cells after puberty. Body fat is determined at that age as well as fat distribution.