Over the years, skin loses tone progressively, especially in the face. Some of the most noticeable changes that can quickly become problematic are tissue sagging, loss of facial roundness and facial volume loss. In order to restore facial roundness, remove a double chin, remove jowls or correct skin sagging in the neck area, multiple cosmetic treatments are available. If you are wondering which treatment will help you achieve the results you are expecting, ask for Dr.Balti’s advice by using the contact form of his website.

Restoring facial roundness and skin tone tunisia

Restoring facial roundness and skin tone

Facelift to restore roundness

One of the most popular rejuvenation treatments is the facelift. Modern facelift techniques offer excellent results while preserving the natural appearance of the face. The facelift can treat skin sagging very efficiently as well as the double chin and jowls. The procedure can be completed in one to two hours with local or general anesthesia. Bruising resulting from surgery resolves fairly quickly, after approximately 10 days. The results are permanent

Injectables combined with the facelift

In certain cases, filler injections can be used to complement a face lift procedure. Injections can be performed after the facelift to fill in deep nasolabial folds, but fillers (hyaluronic acid based products) cannot replace a facelift. Filler injection can be performed alone sparingly to erase the first aging signs, for patients aged from 35 to 40 years old. In that case, filler injections are commonly combined with Botox injections to relax facial muscles responsible for expression wrinkles.

Is there an ideal age to benefit from a facelift ?

There is no ideal age to get a facelift, patients can truly benefit from this procedure when specific aging signs become noticeable. Cosmetic surgery is usually the best course of action to treat :

  • Loss of facial roundness
  • Jowls
  • Tissue sagging in the neck area
  • Double chin

Cosmetic surgery is also recommended when non-invasive treatment cannot achieve satisfying results.