For patients who have chosen to undergo breast augmentation, choosing the right breast implant size is essential. Implants must not be too small or too big and each woman has different ideals when it comes to breasts. Be that as it may, this choice does not only depend on the patient’s expectations. Certain characteristics also come into play such as skin elasticity, natural breast shape, thoracic width and possibly breast ptosis or asymmetry requiring a more complex procedure.

Choosing breast implant size

Choosing breast implant size

The most requested implants

There are a lot of different breast implants on the market that differ in shape (round, teardrop…), texture, content (silicone gel or saline) and profiles (high, low…). On average, patients choose breast implants with volumes ranging from 125 to 600 cc. A 150 cc implant can offer a one cup size increase whereas a 300 cc implant offers a 2 cup size increase.

Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the world.

Choosing breast implant size by taking the whole figure into account

The goal of any qualified surgeon is to achieve the most natural result. Patients’ objectives are important, but the surgeon’s guidance cannot be ignored. Surgeons can visualize the optimal result for each morphology. It is usually preferable for skinny patients to avoid large breast implants sizes to keep the figure harmonious (surgeons often recommend 180 to 260 cc implants depending on skin elasticity and thoracic width).

When breast implants are too big

Overly large breast implants tend to result in an artificial appearance. Certain patients who have chosen very large implants regret their choice afterwards and ask for an implants replacement. This issue can be avoided by following the surgeon’s advice. Overly large implants can also cause breast ptosis (breast sagging), which can require a breast lift to be treated.

Even if the choice of breast implants size is the patient’s choice, taking the surgeon’s recommendations into account is one of the best ways to a satisfying result.