Buttock shapes and fat grafting buttock augmentation

The very popular Brazilian Butt Lift (commonly called BBL) procedure often combines reshaping the back and stomach regions in a circular fashion (in order to improve the arch of the back and remove excess fat) with a fat transfer buttock augmentation. This method is the most natural way to increase the volume and reshape the buttocks to achieve a more harmonious figure.

BBL candidates are usually women with :

  • Flat or small sized buttocks
  • Buttocks that have lost volume (sagging associated with the aging process or weight loss)
  • Asymmetrical buttocks

Patients also frequently request this procedure to reshape their buttocks.

Different types of buttocks shapes

‘O’ shaped buttocks

Also called bubble butt, O shaped buttocks are round at the hips and at the small of the back with a high and marked arch, this shape is well sought after in south america because it is very feminine and adapts well to most beauty ideals.

Square shaped buttocks

Because of a lack of volume in the side faces of the buttocks, this shape can be improved with certain exercises involving the gluteus medius.

‘A’ shaped buttocks

The A shape is considered as the most feminine and harmonious shape, it is closer to european ideals and characterized by a thin waist and large hips.

‘V’ shaped buttocks

The V shape is considered as unattractive. V shaped buttocks are barely developed in their lower part and excess fat at the waist is responsible for the unsightly shape of these buttocks.

Is the Brazilian Butt Lift a reliable surgical procedure ?

The BBL offers excellent results, provided fat harvesting, purification and injection are performed correctly. Efficient harvesting and filtration offers viable and purified fat ready to be grafted.

This procedure allows surgeons to really change fat distribution : liposuction can take care of unwanted fat deposits whereas fat grafting can improve buttocks shape and volume in order to achieve beautiful and well defined contours.