Caring for your hands is something that you probably only think about during the cold season. But the skin of the hands is just as vulnerable as facial skin, and caring for them is important all year round.

Here are a few simples tips to keep your hands soft and prevent skin aging. If aging signs on your hands have become an issue that you can’t alleviate with skincare products and good habits, keep in mind that non-invasive treatments are available to rejuvenate the appearance of the hands, you can use the contact form of Dr.Balti‘s website to know what your options are.

Caring for your hands with simple tips

Caring for your hands with simple tips


Just like the body or face, the hands can be exfoliated. Exfoliation refines skin texture and increases the effects of skincare. Body scrubs are not suited for the hands, so make sure you use a facial scrub, which is softer and less abrasive. Scrubbing the hands is recommended once ot twice a week before your daily skincare routine.


A specific moisturizing cream is recommended after each wash and not only when the skin feels tight. The hydrolipidic film protecting the skin is removed by soap, which can leave the skin defenseless during several hours. If you wash your hands frequently, this film is not restored. Soap-free formulas are less aggressive and a wide variety of products with different textures, scents and compositions are available.


Applying skincare with circular motions promotes blood flow and speed up cell regeneration. Sweet almond oil can also be used. Don’t forget to massage your fingers and around your nails. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, you can just dips your fingertips in olive oil for shinier and stronger nails.


Household chores, craft…, our hands are constantly used and attacked by detergents, chemicals and negligence. To avoid more damage, don’t forget to use gloves when you need to. Exposed all year long to cold and sun, the hands are often in the skincare department. Winter dries it out and sun exposure contributes to aging spots. Sunscreen is essential every time you go out to protect your skin.