How do you prevent wrinkles ? What do you do when you can see wrinkles or fine lines start to grow ? Although it is easier said than done, the most important things you can do to prevent wrinkles from growing or accentuating is protecting your skin from sun damage and having a daily skincare regimen. These three steps will go a long way to help your skin stay healthy and young.

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3 essentials tips to fight wrinkles

Protecting the skin from UV rays

This simply means that you need to use sunscreen. You have to protect your skin constantly from the harmful effects of sun exposure. Without protection , cells are damaged and they cannot fulfill their function. As a result, the skin loses hydration, elasticity and collagen. The more you are exposed to sun rays, the more wrinkles and lines will form and grow fast.

Skincare specialists agree on the fact that sun exposure is the leading cause of wrinkle formation. The sooner you protect your skin, the longer it will be healthy and wrinkle-free.

Anti-aging lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle means making healthy choices in every area of life : a healthy diet with lots of antioxidants, good hydration (which means drinking 2 liters of water daily), exercising regularly, good stress management, adequate sleep and no smoking or alcohol. These guidelines can help your skin look its best, but they can also benefit your health. Many of us tend to look for solutions when wrinkles are already there, and starting anti-aging habits always offer better results when done early, when wrinkles are not there.

Still, anti-aging habits can also go a long way to alleviate and prevent wrinkles from accentuating. If aging signs are too prominent, healthy habits are not likely to be able to alleviate or improve them, but there are always numerous non-invasive and surgical rejuvenation treatments available.

Skin care regimen

Your skin care regimen needs to be comprehensive. One of the most important components of anti-aging skincare is providing the skin with powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C as well as using a clinically proven anti-wrinkle skin treatment with vitamin A or peptides. Improvements can take time to appear with anti aging products and treatments, but your efforts will be rewarded after a couple of months. Your wrinkles will be alleviated and you will prevent new wrinkles for developing with healthy habits.