The buttocks are composed of muscles and fat, therefore flat buttocks lack of fat and muscle. Flat buttocks can be a source of great concern, especially with the actual dominant trend of shapely buttocks. However, flat buttock can also cause back pain. The lack of support in the gluteal region can be detrimental, causing pain in the lumbar region and spine. In certain cases where the buttocks are excessively flat, exercising is recommended to build buttocks muscles, which is not always enough to fix the issue. In order to be shapely, the buttocks also need fat, which is why certain women complain about the lack of fat in their buttocks.

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Why are flat buttocks flat ?

What causes the flat buttock shape ?

In most cases, flat buttocks are just genetically programmed to be flat. Certain women naturally store fat in their gluteal region whereas others don’t.

In some cases, muscle development is insufficient. Patients who not exercise can also present with flat buttocks. Fat deposits in the area, especially cellulite, can contribute to lack of firmness and flat appearance. Massive weight loss can also cause the buttocks to flatten and lose firmness. Muscle development is recommended in this case to restore tone and firmness.

Is there a way to correct flat buttocks ?

Exercising can sometimes offer satisfying results : more shapely buttocks. However, in most cases, results are not conclusive, which is when cosmetic surgery can be considered. Buttock implants can be used to make the buttocks more round with more projection. Fat grafting buttock augmentation is also one of the most popular cosmetic treatments designed to improve buttocks volume and shape.