Women seeking treatment for hypertrophied breasts are not necessarily overweight. A few treatment options are possible depending on the patient’s morphology.

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Do you have to lose weight before breast reduction ?

Breast hypertrophy causes

The main cause is hormonal, but there are also congenital factors and overweight causes.

Does weight affect breast volume ?

A lot of patients wonder if they should lose weight before their breast reduction surgery.

  • Weight affect breast volume differently from one patient to another.
  • When breast volume is affected by weight, the breast reduction procedure should be considered when weight is stable in order to avoid overestimating tissue removal.
  • The surgeon evaluates the morphology of the patient to determine the most suited treatment option.

The breast reduction procedure

Breast reduction surgery aims at restoring harmonious breasts and balancing the figure. Each patient can benefit from a tailored operating plan, especially when excess breast volume is associated with breast ptosis or asymmetry.

Breast reduction benefits

A lot of women can benefit from this common procedure.

  • The lower and upper body can be balanced out.
  • The treatment is definitive.
  • Beeast reduction can alleviate back pain and resolve psychological issues linked to excess breast volume.


The result in terms of appearance of the breasts boosts self esteem and confidence for patients who have suffered since adolescence from overly large breasts.After the treatment, the breasts become balanced with the rest of the body. The result allows the patient to regain ease of movements, especially during exercise. Also, more clothing choices become available.

Complementary procedures

Breast reduction is often combined wit liposuction and / or tummy tuck for a more comprehensive result improving the appearance of the whole body.