calf liposuction tunisiaIf you have been avoiding skirts because you feel that your calves are too fat or if you can’t fit your legs into your dream pair of boots, calf liposuction is probably the cosmetic treatment you’re looking for. To schedule your procedure with a renowned cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine specialist, use the contact page of the website.

Who is it for ?

Liposuction can remove localized fat excess as long as the patient’s weight remains relatively stable. Subsequent weight gain will cause other fat deposits to develop, but in other areas of the body, the result of the procedure is only affected by significant weight gain.

Calf liposuction is designed for healthy women feeling that their calves are too thick and not curved. Very muscular calves usually can’t benefit from contouring with liposuction in Tunisia.



The clinical exam allows Dr.Balti to assess fat distribution in the calves. A good assessment of the whole figure is also essential to determine if an additional knee or ankle liposuction is necessary for the result to be satisfactory. Calf liposuction is not covered by health insurance since it merely serves a cosmetic purpose.


While liposuction’s base principle stays the same when it comes to treating the calves, this area requires extra care to avoid proportion imbalances between the thighs and legs. Skin quality is also a determining factor to take into account as it can limit the amount of fat that can be removed and affects the quality of the result.


Discomfort and pain after the procedure are usually minimal. Bruising can persist for two weeks whereas swelling will hide the definitive result for longer. Most of the swelling goes down in about a month, but the appearance of the calves continues to improve over time as residual swelling resorbs. The compressive garment is to be worn night and day during two weeks, and half the time after that during two more weeks.