breast surgery tunisia

Whether you want to reduce or increase the size of your breasts, cosmetic surgery in Tunisia has multiple treatment options that might be suited to your needs. In the hands of an experienced and qualified surgeon such as Dr.Balti, the following procedures have a very high satisfactory rate.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation, aka boob job, is the standard and most efficient surgical procedure to increase breast volume or correct breast shape in order for chest area to be balanced with the whole body. This procedure is often requested by women with a lack of breast volume caused by weight loss, hormonal changes or insufficient glandular tissue (mammary hypoplasia).

Breast reduction

Disproportionately large breasts are a real physical and emotional handicap for women concerned. Overly large breasts are the result of an abnormal development of the mammary gland. When the condition is congenital or triggered by hormones, the extra weight of the breasts causes back, neck and shoulder pain, it negatively impacts posture and causes the skin envelope of the breasts to stretch, and therefore the breasts to sag, which is called breast ptosis. Breast reduction removes this extra weight by decreasing the amount of fat and / or glandular tissue in the breasts.

Breast lift

Breast ptosis refers to breast sagging. The beauty of the breasts is mainly dictated by their skin envelope and what that envelope contains (glandular and fat tissue). When the balance between these two components is disrupted, breast ptosis becomes visible. In this case, bras can help by lifting the breasts up, but their actual position without support can only be corrected by plastic surgery.

Breast surgery can offer the desired shape and volume. If your breast are sagging or if they are too heavy, Dr.Balti can remove a certain amount of breast tissue as well as excess skin resulting from the breast envelope stretching.