Breast hypertrophy is a defined by overly large breasts in relation with the rest of the body. Breast volume excess is often associated with breast ptosis and sometimes breast asymmetry.

Hypertrophic breast can cause chronic back and neck pain as well as maceration of the skin. It can also lead to psychological distress, embarrassment and limited mobility, especially during exercise. Personal issues are another potential consequence.

Breast reduction surgery aims at reducing breast volume, correcting breast sagging (ptosis) and asymmetry if necessary.

breast reduction tunisia

Breast reduction in Tunisia

Breast reduction recovery

Breast reduction usually requires a 24 to 48 hours hospitalization. Postoperative pain is mild and easily alleviated by standard painkillers. Swelling and bruising are expected, their disappear, for the most part, a few weeks after surgery.

Specific instructions are to be followed during the recovery :

  • After being discharged, the patient has to wear a compressive bra with no frame day and night during at least 6 weeks.
  • Showering is usually restricted during a week and swimming during 4 weeks.
  • Patient must avoid sudden movements or heavy lifting during healing.
  • Exercise can resume after 4 weeks progressively.
  • Sun exposure of the scars must be avoided.

Breast reduction patients have to schedule 10 days of rest. The first dressing is made 2 days following surgery. During the first week following the operation, the surgeon regularly checks up on scar healing and dressings.

Breast reduction result : what you can expect

The result is immediate, but the definitive appearance of the breasts only appears when swelling has resorbed entirely, which is usually the case after three months following surgery. Patients have to wait approximately a year before appreciate the final result.

During the first months, scars are visible, often pink or red, but hidden by underwear. Breast reduction surgery doesn’t prevent the natural process of aging, which can cause breast sagging but not until much later. Note that weight fluctuations can contribute to breast ptosis (breast sagging) as well.