treatment double chin tunisia

In certain cases, the double chin results from skin laxity in the neck or from a recessed chin. However, for the vast majority of the patients, the double-chin develops because of weight gain or skin laxity associated with fat accumulation. Assessment of the chin allows Dr Balti to determine the course of action.

Clinical examination

  • The first step is understanding the patient’s expectations. Procedures differ depending on the chin’s projection, recession or fat deposits.
  • The second step is analyzing dental occlusion. The bone component of the lower face (jaw) can be addressed if needed with the input of an orthodontist.
  • The third step is analyzing ratios between the chin, nose and cheeks from a side view. When the problem is the size / position of the chin, genioplasty (chin surgery) can be associated with rhinoplasty to balance facial proportions.
  • X-rays can be necessary in case of chin surgery (genioplasty).

Double chin resulting from fat accumulation

Double chin is often the result of a fat overload in the neck, therefore treatment relies on liposuction in most cases. Fat deposits are usually located at the back of the chin. This fat can be right under the skin (subcutaneous) or deeper behind the platysma. In slim patients presenting with an isolated double-chin, fat accumulation in this area is dictated by genetics. That being said, for most patients, double-chin results from being overweight.

Double chin resulting from skin laxity

Natural aging causes tissue sagging, which affects the muscles and skin of the neck. Often times, fat deposits are associated with tissue laxity, which makes the double-chin look full. In this case, treatment relies on tissue removal and tightening. When the platysma muscle of the neck loses tension, two vertical bands start to show behind the chin. The face and neck lift address both these issues by removing skin excess and tightening the platysma. Liposuction is almost always (except for very slim patients) associated with the neck lift to offer an optimal result.