What to know before getting a facelift

What there is to know about facelift surgery

  • The facelift can treat the face, the neck or both areas.
  • The procedure restores facial contour definition for a rounder shape, it also treats jowls, alleviates wrinkles / folds and tightens up the neck.
  • The eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) and facial fat grafting techniques are frequently combined to a facelift to preserve facial harmony.

Technical aspects

  • The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and is 2H30 to 3H30 long on average.
  • An overnight stay at the clinic is usually requested by the surgeon.
  • The recovery only includes low levels of pain.

Restoring skin tension

  • The modern facelift technique treats muscle and fat / skin separately in order for the result to be homogeneous and long lasting.
  • The procedure doesn’t change facial expression or « freeze » facial features.
  • This technique allows surgeons to smooth down nasolabial folds and restore facial roundness by restoring the patient’s original skin tension.

The mini facelift

  • This minimally invasive variation of the facelift only addresses mild skin sagging in the face. The skin is not detached from the underlying structures as much during the procedure and incisions are significantly shorter than during a standard facelift.
  • Facial expression is also preserved and facial features aren’t ‘frozen’.
  • The recovery is quick, simple and painless. Patients can resume all their usual activities and work after a week of rest.