The fat grafting buttock augmentation procedure, aka the Brazilian Butt Lift, is the choice of many patients to improve the shape and volume of their buttocks. What motivates these women to request this procedure is usually a lack of buttocks volume, but the BBL can be used to satisfy many different requests, especially when it comes to correct shape imperfections.


Correcting shape imperfections with the BBL

What patients want to change

Patients consulting for a fat transfer buttock augmentation have different objectives regarding the shape of their buttocks :

  • In many cases, the buttocks are sagging due to fat migrating downwards, which tends to overload the lower part of the buttocks, as well as the saddle bags and the upper thighs. This process also leaves the upper part of the buttock emptied out with an overall unsightly appearance.
  • Another frequent case is a natural lack of volume in the buttocks. Skinny women tend to lack body fat, which translates to little to no buttocks volume. For other women, the same imperfection can be observed with a normal weight. In these instances, lack of fat storage in the buttocks is usually dictated by genetics.
  • The last common imperfection motivating patients to request a BBL is a lack of projection of the buttocks. In this case, fat is distributed in a way that makes the buttocks appear flat, without the natural curve that distinguishes female buttocks.

What the BBL can do to correct these imperfections

It is worth noting that for most patients with a low weight, enough fat can be harvested to offer a significant improvement, whether the procedure aims at increasing buttocks volume or correcting shape imperfections.

The fat grafting buttock augmentation uses liposuction to harvest fat, which is purified and can then be reinjected in the buttocks. Since this technique can change fat distribution in a chosen area, it can easily address lack of volume. When sagging is the issue, the upper part of the buttocks can be filled with fat to lift up the buttocks and restore their youthful shape. When lack of projection is the issue, surgeons will focus on adding fat to curve the buttocks.