breast augmentation

What to consider before undergoing breast augmentation

You are planning on getting a breast augmentation ? Here are 4 important things you should consider before going ahead with surgery.

Types of implants : silicone or saline

During the preoperative consultation, you will have a comprehensive discussion with your surgeon to determine which type of breast implant suits you. The two options available (saline and silicone implants) have their specific pros and cons.

Recovery and possible complications

Like any other surgery, breast augmentation surgery requires a recovery period. If you do not work in manual labor, you can resume work approximately 2 weeks after surgery. Otherwise, it is preferable for you to ask for the approval of your surgeon.

Complications are highly unlikely, but possible immediately or a few weeks after surgery (hematoma, infection, etc.). If an alarming symptom appears, make sure to tell your surgeon as soon as possible.

Appearance of the breasts : realistic results

If you wish to copy the breasts of your favorite star, you might be disappointed to know that no surgeon can guarantee this result, because every body is different and reacts in its own way to surgery.

If your natural breasts are small and you are expecting an F cup, your surgeon will probably advise you against such an augmentation for different reasons, but he will also work with you to get close to the result you want with no unnecessary risks.

Implants longevity : implants replacement is to be expected

Breast implants are resistant and durable, but not eternal. On average, breast implants need to be replaced every 15 years as a precautionary measure (this concerns only silicone gel implants).