Rhinoplasty FAQ

What is the difference between rhinoplasty and septoplasty ?

Septoplasty is a functional surgery that aims at restoring normal breathing, rhinoplasty on the other hand can correct the appearance of the nose as well as it’s function.

What is the minimum age to undergo rhinoplasty ?

Rhinoplasty can be considered when adolescence ends, which is at the age of 17 or later, when bone development is complete. If the patient presents with a functional impairment such as significant breathing difficulties or trauma, reconstructive surgery can be considered before the age of 17 with the agreement of the parents.

Which specialist do I have to consult ?

You can request this procedure from a cosmetic surgeon or an ENT surgeon.

Is rhinoplasty painful ?

This procedure is not painful since it is performed under general anesthesia, painkillers are also prescribed to control any postoperative pain.

In which position can I sleep after rhinoplasty ?

You can sleep in any position except on your stomach (with your nose pressed against your pillow).

What if I catch a cold or sneeze after surgery, can this jeopardize the outcome of the procedure ?

Surgeons recommend sneezing with your mouth open during the first days of the recovery.

How long do I have to wait before I can resume exercising ?

A minimum of 15 days with no exercise is recommended.

Can I go to the beach after surgery ?

It is recommended to avoid going to the beach for a few weeks, just like exercise. Keep in mind that your surgeon will strongly advise you against sun exposure during the first months following surgery, which is why it is preferable to avoid going to the beach altogether. After that, sun protection with an SPF of 50 is needed on the nose.

Can rhinoplasty be performed twice ?

This procedure can be performed twice or even three times, but a period of 1 year between each surgery is necessary.