Cohesive gel implants are one of the best options for breast augmentation purposes as they offer many benefits. What are these implants made of ? What are those benefits ? Here are some answers for you.

Cohesive gel implants

What there is to know about cohesive gel implants

Cohesive gel implants particularities

These implants are made of cohesive silicone gel, which is more safe and offers more natural results. These implants are made with a multi-layered capsule maintaining gel in the right place continuously, which offers great implant stability. Like all the other types of implants, cohesive silicone gel implants can be round or anatomical. Patients can choose the most suited implant with the help of their surgeon in order to achieve a natural result. The position of the implants as well as the incision pattern are also decided during the preoperative consultations.

Cohesive gel implants benefits

Cohesive gel implants are the most safe and innovative implants in the market. Breast augmentations performed with this type of implants are typîcally more durable and safe. Here the benefits of cohesive gel implants :

  • Natural results. Whether breast augmentation is performed with round or anatomical implants, cohesive gel implants offer great cohesion of the lower structure of the implant, which translates to a more pleasing and natural appearance.
  • Superior lifespan. Cohesive gel implants typically last longer than any other type of breast implant.
  • More simple breast implant replacement. Depending on each patient and type of implant, breast implant replacement is more simple. However, patients still have to go through the same process as the initial procedure.
  • Superior results in case of breast augmentation combined with a breast lift. Cohesive gel implants offer firmer, lifted up and larger breasts without noticing the implants. Anatomical implants are often recommended in case of mastopexia (to correct breast sagging) combined with breast augmentation.
  • The safest implants in the market. In case of deterioration or rupture of the implant, gel remains unified inside the implants. If part of the gel were to escape, it is highly unlikely to move to other areas, which simplifies cleaning and replacing the implant.