faq breast augmentation

Breast augmentation FAQ

Who is the ideal candidate to breast augmentation ?

While there is no ideal type of patient for this procedure, patients will truly benefit from breast augmentation if their weight is stable and if no pregnancy is planned in the near future. Patients also qualify for breast augmentation if they are in good health.

How to choose breast implants

This choice is made during consultation, it depends on the patient’s expectation as well as her morphology (base of the breast, width of the thorax, ptosis severity…).

Is the recovery from breast augmentation surgery painful ?

Postoperative pain can easily be managed with standard painkillers.

Are there cases where breast implants cannot be used ?

Besides increased risk factors associated with anesthesia, there are no contraindications to breast augmentation with implants.

Are there alternatives to breast augmentation ?

Fat grafting is another common breast augmentation technique, but it cannot achieve significant volume increases, unless the augmentation is staged in several operations spaced in time.

Is preferable to undergo breast augmentation surgery after pregnancy ?

Pregnancy includes weight gain and breast volume changes, therefore it is preferable to wait.

Are breast implants compatible with breastfeeding ?

Breast implants do not prevent women from breastfeeding their child. However, in cases of areolar incisions, certain milk ducts can be damaged and breastfeeding can become problematic. Patients are always informed of the risk this incision entails beforehand.

Are breast implants different to the touch ?

Silicone breast implants have a natural consistency. The choice of silicone gel implants depends on each patient’s characteristics.

Do breast implants last a lifetime ?

Implants do not have an expiry date. Certain patients keep their implants for more than 20 years. Breast exams are recommended to assess implants wear.