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Frequently asked questions about the facelift

At what age can patients undergo a facelift ?

There is no specific age to benefit from this procedure. Most face lift patients are in their forties, but the reason motivating their request for surgery is aging signs, which can become visible and more or less severe sooner.

How long do facelift results last ?

Facial rejuvenation achieved through face lift surgery typically lasts 10 years on average. Facelift patients look 10 years younger during 10 years and 5 years younger during the following 5 years.

Is it possible to benefit from a second facelift if I had one in the past and wrinkles start to develop again ?

It is usually possible to perform a second facelift, but your surgeon has to assess your specific case before making the decision to perform the surgery.

Will scars be visible on a shaved head ?

Since scars are hidden near or in the hari line around the ears, it will not be possible to hide them on a shaved head.

Is there a non-invasive alternative to face lift surgery ?

Hyluronic acid based filler products, Botox and thread lifts are possible alternatives, but results from these procedures do not compare to what face lift surgery can achieve.

Why is it so important to stop smoking before and after a facelift ?

Smoking can cause major wound healing complications. Smoking can also cause respiratory or cardiac complications during anesthesia.

When will I be able to go to the beach following surgery ?

Surgeons recommend a minimum of 3 months before exposing yourself to the sun, but sun protection is still mandatory after that.