after liposuction

What happens after liposuction ?

If you have chosen liposuction to get rid a few unsightly bulges, here is what happens after surgery.

After surgery

Liposuction can performed as an outpatient procedure (meaning the patient is hospitalized in the morning and can return the same day). Small incisions performed to perform liposuction are closed with dissolvable or standard sutures. A compressive garment is worn by the patient as soon as the procedure is completed during a period of one month on average. Compression stockings also have to be worn during a week following surgery to limit the risk of vein thrombosis.

In case of small liposuction, over the counter pain relievers are enough to alleviate any pain or discomfort during a few days of rest. In case of a extensive liposuction, additional painkillers are prescribed and a week of rest is necessary to recover from surgery.

Returning home after liposuction surgery

Showering is allowed the day after surgery. Small dressings need to be replaced daily during a period of 10 to 15 days. Compression stockings are to be worn during a week. Walking regularly and keeping the legs elevated is recommended as soon as possible.

If liposuction was extensive, daily anticoagulant injections can be necessary during a week. Swelling and bruising are normal reactions of the body to surgery, they progressively subside after 3 to 6 months (a few weeks are usually enough for bruising to resolve). Postoperative pain can be compared to intense muscle soreness and certain areas can be more painful than others (especially the hips).

Postoperative course

Loss of sensation affect liposuction areas during a few weeks to a few months. Sun exposure is dangerous as long as bruising has not subsided (3 weeks on average). Smoking is also harmful to the healing process as well as the quality of the result. Liposuction results are stable if weight remains stable, because the remaining fat cells in liposuction areas do not multiply.