Whether it’s emotionally or physically, the age of 50 is a particular milestone in a woman’s life. Hormones are all over the place during menopause, which has unwanted consequences on the figure and the aesthetic of the face. Advances in cosmetic surgery have made it easier for many women to deal with this milestone.
Menopause is associated with body changes: uncontrollable weight gain due to hormones’ impact on fat tissue and retention. To age gracefully, plastic surgery in Tunisia offers many efficient treatments.

plastic surgery women over 50


In case of excess fat, liposculpture is the most recommended treatment. Dr.Balti can refine the figure by improving body contours of the stomach, the hips, the back, the thighs, the knees or the arms.

Fat grafting

In the case of sagging buttocks, fat grafting can be considered. The procedure is performed with the use of liposuction to restore the roundness and perkiness of the buttocks area. Fat grafting is also commonly performed for facial rejuvenation purposes.

Breast surgery

Weight gain associated with menopause often causes enlargement of breast tissue. The weight of the breast can be responsible for chronic back pain, but also breast sagging. Breast surgery can address both excess tissue and tissue sagging to decrease their weight, alleviate back pain, improve their shape and lift them up.

Tummy tuck

When the stomach is sagging, it’s because the abdominal wall has stretched. The tummy tuck procedure can tighten the abdominal wall and remove skin excess that stacks up in the lower abdomen.

Non-invasive treatments

Wrinkles will form no matter what, but they can easily be treated with anti-aging injectable products such as Botox, to smooth down mimic wrinkles of the forehead, wrinkles around the mouth and crow’s feet. Hyaluronic acid based fillers are commonly used to fill hollowed areas and deep folds of the face. Jawline definition and sagging cheeks can also be improved with filler injections.